Soundcore Collective Feedback

Hey Soundcore Collective!

As our audio Community goes live this week we’re keen to capture your feedback. All of it, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

So take a look around, let loose and let us know your thoughts.


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  1. The link in referrals to discover how to earn points is not linked to the correct page. It brings you to the points and notes you’ve earned instead.

  1. In dark theme, when you go to start a new topic, the text is black instead of white/gray.

  1. “The Soundcore Collective” text is cut off in portrait mode on tablets.

  1. Is the “Insider Testing” link really supposed to go to the Power User page? Or should it go to the new community testing club page?

  2. Does the home page really need to have the four other tabs on it? Why not move the posts at the top of the conversations page to the home page and then have the conversations page go right into the forum posts?

  3. In the gallery, my YouTube video is not playing properly.

  4. There is too much room in between forum posts. At least provide the option for a more compact layout.

  5. What is the reason for a separate Soundcore Community? Why can’t it continue as a part of the Anker one? Does this mean there’s going to be a different one for each brand?


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Some of these issues we are aware of and are currently working, but a quite a few of those we weren’t - appreciate it :raised_hands:

To answer your questions:

(4) Yes it was. However, a key feature of the Soundcore community is allowing anyone to leave reviews on a product at any time and be rewarded for doing so, which is why there’s a “review” section in your profile. We may still reconsider that landing page.

(5) As we’re due to launch in a couple of days that’s not something we could do at this point, but we could consider it in the future.

(8) I can’t talk for other brands, but for Soundcore we want to build a dedicated community of audio enthusiasts, obsessed with music and audio. This essentially meant we felt the need to step out from underneath the Anker brand, as we need to be recognised, seen and respected as an audio brand; this is more difficult to do when our customer’s meet Anker first and Soundcore second. Also, you’ll notice from the features in our community that we’re using a very different style of marketing compared to the Anker community, one which rewards you guys for referring, selling, reviewing and engaging whenever you do it, and not just reviewing at the point of a product release.

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I like the new layout of the SoundCore community! A couple thoughts:

  1. When clicking the “Conversations” section, it takes a lot of scrolling (especially on mobile) to get to the forum threads. Maybe reduce the number of “featured” boxes from 6 down to 3?

  2. Something I really enjoyed on the Anker community was the Summer Playlist thread. Sharing playlists seems like something that would be perfect for the SoundCore community! Perhaps considering creating a “Playlist” section with categories for several genres (Pop, Hard Rock, Alternative, Country, Jazz, etc)?

Thanks for allowing us to test out the new forum!


We’ll definitely take this feedback on board, especially like the Summer playlist idea. I think it would be great if we create badges for each different music genre and let members align themselves with their favorite genre.

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Also, please keep the menu bar at the top present at all times, instead of disappearing as you scroll down.

I have been having issues with the tab that says there are new post, when I click on it it refreshes the page and says there are no new post…I basically had to go through the post to find this one

Are you sure? The link to insider referrals on the home page takes you to the testing club page on the Anker Community, but the link on the menu bar still goes to the Power User page, which has not been updated in what seems like ages.

It’s updated in our beta version, which will refresh before the official launch tonight. They’ll both push through to We Love Testing once the update is made.

The first good thing I would like to point out is – Human face for the admin / crew, rather than a Blue Icon :smiley:

not sure if @Loz is / will be the admin for the community, so far seeing he has created lot of content, pinned items globally

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Quick question: how do you disable notifications for topics? I have already had my inbox flooded with notifications for multiple threads, many of which I had not even seen/commented on.

I hope you seperate EDM from normal club music! lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Those notifications are from users you follow…
Go to your profile, click on the right drop down and then notifications and disable them

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Welp that answered that lol. It has been a rough day at work and my lack of sleep from my kids being up at all hours has left my brain super foggy.

One feedback - the rules say, no copy of reviews from other sites (including Anker), but I am seeing blatant copy of content from Anker Site and posted here by Soundcore

Check this out –

Rules need to be top-down, Admins need to follow the same rules as members… hope this suggestion is taken positively!

As I mentioned before, these were used as placeholders to help set the community up.

thanks Tank… please also mention these to Soundcore Admins :slight_smile:

It is not a good practice to start a new community with copied content, and let it stay there for long time. Hope this is taken care sooner than later.

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Hopefully there’ll be brand new flare reviews, as such a popular speaker, along with the Soundcore 2 (being hyped all over the place as the best small cheap (not cheap sounding) BT speaker).

I really like the UI of this community. Sort of what I expected when the Anker community was “upgraded.”

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