Soundcore Collective - Shorten Referral Links / Customize the URL

The Soundcore Collective - Referral Links are pretty Long and at times get lost while posting on Social Media such as Twitter or Instagram, just had an occurrence this morning, had to delete the tweet after my friend mentioned it and then re-posted it.

The URLs should be this big, Soundcore Staff should look at options of shortening them like this :arrow_down:

Not only for this referral here but for all the links which Soundcore publishes… this will make it look easier and crisp on the social media.

I used one of the URL Shorteners, there are lot many available out on the Web.

Shouldn’t the links be shortened, may be also provide customization option :arrow_down:

What are all of your thoughts?

  • Shorten the Referral link, make them Smart!
  • Shorten the URL and Customize the Link :slight_smile: !
  • Keep them as-is, no big deal.

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All the other companies and for.comps on here, we get personal links, why not for referrals?

Shorter probably would be better…

I’ve just been putting mine into a shortener each time, but yeah, having it shortened to begin with would probably be better for most

Short URL along with customized link like username/referral would be a brandwise link… Makes Soundcore look like a champ!

Agree. A user selected/invented url would be fantastic.

shortened URLs would be nice

This is good feedback! A good alternative for now is Bitly too.

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Hope we get to see this implemented on Soundcore Collective… :+1: