Soundcore Collective - Site Defects, Issues with Points and Notes and more

We all have had issues since the first week with the Soundcore Collective Community, Points and Notes system is not working as well as it should…

Consolidating all the issues seen so far for the Soundcore Collective community-

  1. there are delays / lags,
  2. logout/login required,
  3. Review (submitted from Profile section) Points & Notes not added,
  4. Profile review 15 points not added…
  5. Unread Posts count keeps showing as 7 or 9 but there are none when we check for those.
  6. YouTube URL upload does not work well in Gallery.
  7. Level up points and Notes not added for Level 4 and up. Only adds when member levels up to 7 (observed this for my account)
  8. Unable to mention more than 10 contacts in a post, please make this possible for users with restrictions such as possible only after user has specific level crossed (example Level 8 and up)
  9. Points traded for coupons - coupon still not delivered to member

Also with end of September month, experience points transfer to Soundcore community… it will be even more messier…

Soundcore folks @Loz @Hannah can you please look into these defects and address them. I have tried asking these over other threads but very little has been answered.

I just want the Soundcore community to be top notch and perfect!

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Profile review 15 points not added…

I had the same issue, you need to go to and login, then update your birthday and sex and log out of here and back in. That should add the points for it.

YouTube URL upload does not work well in Gallery.

Same issue @Tank was having and you just need to go to the video, select “copy link” from the share section and use that link. For some reason the direct link seems to be hit or miss

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Thanks for that info on YT issues. We can update the text with those instructions.

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Thanks for the summary. One consolidated thread like this would be ideal as quite difficult for just me to stay on top of this and forward through IT.

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That may work for others who have never done this before, but it didnt work for me. Possibly because my profile was setup a long time ago when in placed an order. So I still do not have these points @Loz

I have a meeting with IT Monday to go through these issues. The team has been a bit thin on the ground lately, so it’s taken us a little longer to get round to this then we would have liked.

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I’m definitely not a fan of the random logouts :laughing: (seems to happen when I visit from a different device than my last visit, but not always) . Thanks for looking into these issues, @Loz!

I have also noticed if I post in 2 threads too quickly 1 never gives points, I basically need to wait anour before doing anything else to receive credit.

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do you mean it’s prompting to login every time or you are suggesting ?

So new issue, its really silly that a referral may only give credit to one site. I referred a friend to the soundcore site, but it builds his account to Ankers as well so shouldnt I get credit towards both sites?

You have to log out and back in if you got points but it isnt showing. So doing this updates the system and points and notes show

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oh, got you now. Hope it’s an easy fix for Anker/Soundcore !

There are 2 separate ones … The one I mentioned is for points - but I have tried it multiple times points don’t show up.

The other one is for multiple.logins. Anker community with recent Upgrade supports multiu logins but Soundcore collective logs me out if I login elsewhere.

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Thank you @Loz for taking lead on this :+1:

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One more to the list (also updated main post)

Defect - - Level up points and Notes not added when member reaches Level 4. Only adds when member levels up to 7

So you had it too? Thought it was just me, i leveled up through a refferal (got that bonus) and thought thats why I didnt get the 10 for hitting lvl 4.

Any time you are starting a thread, commenting or sharing a post, it runs on a 24 hour cycle. Share a post at 5:00 PM EST, you cannot get points for another share until the next day at 5:00 PM. Same for comments (being 5 comments at 2 points a piece), it all runs 24 hour cycles from the last time they were awarded.

yes, seems like some defect, no notes or points for hitting level 4

Ok thanks. I hit lvl 4 3 days ago so figured something was up.

Were there positive takeaways from the meeting, and eta when these are fixed.

Also you should start bug bounty… I hope to win some there :rofl: