Strike 3 picture spelling error

So I was strolling around on the Soundcore website and was looking at the Strike 3 and Strike 1.

As you can see on the Strike 3 (the blue one), it look like the word clear in the picture has the end part of the word clear repeated. (with an extra e a r added to the pic).

Same picture is used for both Soundcore website and Amazon as well.


You got good eyes there @Duane_Lester :+1:

Something for the web design group @Loz

I thank you. I hope I still have a good eye for that stuff as that is what is one of my current job function. :wink:

u r a pro in spotting mistakes :+1:

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and you are very good at it :+1: :clap:

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Great catch. They should have caught that.

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Its a kind of printing “delay” :rofl: