Soundcore Community - Connection Problems?

I am seeing couple of errors on accessing Soundcore Community @sean.l @Loz

Ditto just now. And 502 and problem uploading.

Same as well… I know over at Eufy some of their support pages are not showing up (well most) and I am getting that bad gateway again.

Still seems to be having issues this afternoon… wondering if 3.0 is in the works?

seems the problem has just gotten fixed ive been trying to get on all day

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yeah pretty much and it wasn’t like I needed to be on but knowing it was down had me continually checking for it to come back on :joy:

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Anyone know the cause of the problem?

Same here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I was kinda scared because I thought I was gonna fall behind on 24 hour points and lose points for today.