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Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to save up notes to eventually get a soundcore coupon. I’m still not there yet but I do have some questions before I even do that. First does anyone know if this coupon can be used on a product that is already on sale on the soundcore site (for example right now the L2P are on sale would it work or do I only get one Dionne?). Secondly about how long does it take to actually get the coupon? Is it a quick thing or could I be waiting a while? Third do they expire and if they do how long are they usually good for?

Thanks for the help!


I have a fourth question: Can we stack these coupon on each other?

That I know has been answered before I’m pretty sure and the answer is no

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However I do believe a question was once asked about like if you use a $100 coupon for something that’s $90 what happens to the other ten dollars do you lose them or can you use them again. My guess if you lose them but still would be nice to have solid answers before I go wasting notes on a coupon that wouldn’t work how I think it would

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Also 1 thing I noticed in my free time was that they don’t have constant note-to-dollar ratio. The $10 coupon is the cheapest in terms of notes if I’m not mistaken ($1 for 3 notes compared to $1 to 4 or 5 notes)

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Coupon usage gives a code. If the sale uses a coupon code, then you cannot use the sale as the coupons cannot be stacked.

These coupon codes are generated and sent by Lawrence @Loz (and now may be Sean) so sometimes it is quick, sometimes can take.sometime.

Yes, they usually have 4-7 day expiry time. Don’t quote me on days, check with Soundcore Crew who provide it
Edit - May be valid for in/around 30 days :wink:


I believe part of that was to pull people into ths site. Thus the earlier coupon prices


Mostly correct. The expiration of the coupon is 30 days.

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Went back and checked… at least the coupon code I received was valid for less than 30 days… 26 days to be specific… but this is good enough!

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I think it’s 30 days from when the coupon is created. 26 days probably means that the coupon was sent to you 4 days after it was created.

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That would make sense

Thanks to all who have answered!

They are not stackable, for sure. Otherwise the $5 or $10 would be the best value with multiples.

If your coupon is more valuable than your order, you just lose the difference.

Free shipping is only with an order that is more than $29 AFTER the coupon. And the coupon does not apply to shipping costs. So you will pay those at least.

What I did to optimize my $100 coupon was order about $140 worth of soundcore gear, for a final price of $40. $130 would have been right on the money, but that didn’t match what I wanted to order.

It can be quite slow to get coupons processed, or has been in the past here. So if there is a short sale, your odds of ordering the coupon and getting it in time may not be that great. And they do expire, so it is a challenge to balance that all.

My hope is they will add some more direct order items in the redemption list, which bypasses all of this. But the Neo and the Flare Mini have been the choices since the site opened and haven’t changed yet, so it may not happen soon.


@jercox what did you order out of curiosity

Life Q20 and the infini soundbar. Very happy with the first, not quite as impressed with the second.

What don’t you like about the infini bar?

Looking at those limitations, I would honestly rather use the coupon on the products straight away instead of buying from Soundcore website. For me at least, I would rather wait for discount on Amazon for better pricing unless shipping cost isn’t too high if the order is below $29 after coupon

It is fine for music. None of the profiles / presets sounds great for watching TV or movies for me (mix of music, speech, and action).

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A friend of mine recent bought one and said they they had delays when switching inputs on the tv and saw th at mentioned in a couple reviews is that a thing for you too?

Is it like you select presets such as music, movie, speech, normal, etc.? Because I was thinking of getting an infinity bar too when it first launched but decided against it