Soundcore expands product line in India

Despite leaving Strike 1 out from the updated US Soundcore website, Soundcore launched both Strike 1 and 3 in India this week for Rs. 3k and 4k respectively which amounts to about $41 and $53 respectively. I have no idea what the competition there is like so this could be a competitive price for these but the weak point in these headphones could leave customers unhappy despite the great customer service we have come to expect from Soundcore.

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Great find, thx for sharing

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Nice to see the next phase in soundcores move into India.

Nice to hear that Soundcore is expanding

Yea but there’s also a lot of competition there. There are 100s of local stores that each sell cheaper stuff. Plus people in market for those kind of things usually have money for more expensive branded items so Soundcore will have to do a great work on ads

We were discussing whether the Strike 1 & 3 were still ongoing products in the US recently, with them being deemphasized / hidden on the latest site updates. But apparently they are just rolling them out into India. Hopefully a sign that they will still be putting some energy behind this product line.

I was wondering the same thing yesterday when I posted about this. Maybe they’re releasing it late in India with new headphones (replacements) coming in 6-12 months. They might be testing the waters there :man_shrugging:

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