Soundcore Fan Art

Hi everyone!

I know from the past ANKER T-Shirt contests we have a few graphics design oriented people here. I had a blast making digital art for Anker…so why not Soundcore? If you have some time on your hands and want to make some sweet Soundcore Fan Art, post it here! Here’s one I did that I thought was pretty cool (edited here to add a more peaceful image :grimacing: - original in comments):

And a Warhol version:

I don’t have any prizes to give away, but I thought it might be a fun thing to do anyway! Let me see what you’ve got!


No dont like this one.
Pure Violence! :frowning_face:

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The original one was a Banksy:

Maybe you like that better? :sunflower:

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No dont llike this too.
Reminds me of our “Aktivisten” Hamburg 2017 G20 here.

Would never give this criminal a FLARE!

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May be something more peaceful, one which has music in it would be good … (i am still in Wakey mood :smiley: )



Yeah, I was hoping for a “Music not Molotovs” message but I see how that could get lost. Sorry :worried:

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Yeah, it’s time to show your morphing skills here :joy:

Sorry, I dint want be so harsh, but I can not stand those .
Beg you pardon my friend. :wink:

I made this one!


Where is Lawrence?
This is a phantastic competion to be started.
I know I have an advantage ( Retired man) while you have other things to do. :smiley:

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Huu! It is 6 minutes after midnight. :wink:


this is what I could find, in my favorite color for my favorite (yet to have one :frowning: ) device :smiley:


Its a joke as usual. :smiley:


and as usual, i am the last one to get it :wink:

If I will be the lucky winner of a Wakey I will handle this over to you.
Have you ever heard of “senile bed escape”.
Don’t know if this is the real term in English! :rofl:

No need of such a Wakey!

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the probability of you winning it is more than me, so will wait on you… which i will get from you :smiley:

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I found this one from @Chiquinho in the gallery :smiley:

Reposting to remove the violent image from the OP - I was going for a “Music Not Molotovs” message but @chiquinho pointed out it was not necessarily obvious :frowning:

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If you add this text its quite MUCH better, though for me it is too agressive IMHO.
But that’s “Art”.

We are free to talk about!

Great suggestion - Edited above :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it a neo - its too small to notice

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