Soundcore flare 2 bass booster

Is it possible to change the bass higher than it allows on the speaker?

Yes, you can do that by tweaking rhe equalizer on manual mode in the soundcore app

In response to boosting the bass on the flare 2, I use a 3 EQ apps to tweak the frequency’s so I can hear my Select 2 and Flare 2 while riding my moped. The apps I use:
Power Amp
Motorola Sound Effects

I use Poweramp as well, but I don’t think layering EQ’s on top of EQ’s is really a good idea.

PS I really like Poweramp. :+1:


Yes, layering EQs is not good. I use PowerAmps’ Compressor function with the EQ off, and use the EQ from another app sometimes.
The PowerAmp EQ & Compressor functions are best used together and put the Soundcore App EQ to Flat.

Yes, I used the Soundcore App to customize the equalizer.

Does anyone have recommended equalizer settings?