Soundcore Flare 2 troubleshooting

Anyone else having issues with their Flare 2 recently?

  1. It’s pairing to my phone via Bluetooth but not showing up on the app, and
  2. The device that’s connected to my phone won’t sync with my other Flare 2 even when I hold down the Bluetooth button! Nothing happens.

Both of these are pretty new issues… was there an update recently or something?


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Try the above to sync to the app.

It really depends on the device that is synced to the phone as the Flare 2 is a partycast speaker. So if that device is not a party cast then it would not sync to a different speaker.

I have synced the flare 2 to 2 soundcore 3 but found the partycast a little tricky most times myself at times.

I have let my son use the flare 2 for college and am unable to tell you the latest firmware update.

Delete the speaker from the bt list of the phone.
Connect them in Partycast-mode with phone switched off…
Then one should be “master” the other “slave”.
You see that by different colors of the bt indicator of the speakers.
My minis show blue (“master”) white (“slave”)
Should be the same with that Flare 2
After doing so, only the “master” should show up at the bt list of phone.

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The flare 2 both flash the same color! Can’t tell which one is master which one is slave… weird!

Do a reset of both speakers and connect only one to the device.
Dont the other switch on.
Does this work?


I have a few of the flare 2s, and haven’t noticed any issues of late.

I can offer this thread where I have a video showing process to connect multiple for partycast…

About the 2:40 mark in the last video shows process to connect to each other. It is a bit finicky.

I can some other things later in the week, if that’s okay?

I think I may have something to help… @William.lau

Check on your device and see if both of your flare 2s show as connected to your device. Perhaps one is connected to another device… should only have one connected to your main device, and the other connected to nothing when you start out.

If so, that would explain why they flash same color. They may both be paired with a device.

If you find they are both connected, I’d then offer, to forget one of the on your device, turn off that speaker, at this point you should have just the one connected and the BT icon should be solid blue.

Turn back on the second flare 2, and press and hold the BT button until it flashes white, then release. Then press and hold the Bluetooth button on the first speaker so it flashes white and then release.

They should see each other, and only one to your device, and should work as intended (and through the app now).

I ran into this when I mistakenly connected a single flare 2 to my iPad, when I hadn’t realized it wasn’t the same one as the last I did.

I have since noticed that my original one doesn’t have a mark on the top, like the other two, so I now can do this easy.

If it helps, I can make a quick video for you to reference.

Hope it works, please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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