Soundcore Flare 2. Unpacking and first impresion

The last Monday @Hannah annouced January leaderboard results and I immediately contacted @sean.L about my prize Soundcore Flare 2. Sean processed it and in four days (on Friday) I received my speaker.
I had a plan to spent some time and test it this weekend, but I got sick (no COVID test results yet).
So I just unpacked speaker, took a few photos and decided to share them on Community.

What is in the box.

  1. Soundcore Flare 2 speaker
  2. USB type-c cable
  3. Some paperworks

    I took speaker out the box and paired it with my phone. Pairing went smooth.
    I connected it to Soundcore APP as well and got notification that update is available.

    I updated the speaker, checked what features are provided by APP and tested the sound by listening couple of songs.

My first impresions about Soundcore Flare 2 are positive:

  1. It looks nice, is built well and is smaller then I expected.
  2. It works smooth.
  3. Volume is enough for indoor use.
  4. Sound is good especially with BassUp turned on.

And the last photo: Flare 2 next to my Flare Mini

I will update my post as soon as I will perfom full testing.
Happy Valentine’s day for everyone❣️


Thanks for sharing.

How does the max volume compare Flare 2 Vs Flare Mini Vs other?

Have the Flare Mini, Mini 3, Motion+

I turn Bass Up off and set to flat/voice because I’m listening to voice while moving around house.

The Motion+ has sublimely good sound, I remain very impressed so comparison with others some here already have would help the collective.


Volume of Flare 2 is significantly higher than max volume of Flare Mini. Seems like Flare 2 isn’t bass orientent - even with BassUp on I didn’t feel too much bass. But it’s possible to adjust sound by ising EQ in APP.
I don’t have Motion+ so can’t say for sure, but I think volume of Motion+ should be higher.


Nice 1st impressions and pictures. :+1:


Very nice, I have a few :roll_eyes: they pair very well to each other, and to other partycastie ones.

Provides a very immersive experience.