Soundcore flare doesn't connect to new Xiaomi M11lite

I have two Soundcore flares which usually connect without problems to Apple iphone or huawei Mate 10 or P30. I bought a new Xiaomi M11 Lite, the soundcore flare is recognised, but goves message ‘Could not pair to Soundcore Flare due to incorrect pincode or password’. No space to enter a code…

After a while it sometimes does did pair without the pincode message, but the connection was just for ‘sharing contacts’. Not for Media. So no connection could be made to play music.
The Soundcore Flares have bluetooth 4.2 and the Xiaomi M11 lite 5.2, but that should work, as I understood. The Xiaomi M11 connects to car syatems and bluetotth head phones without any problems. Just both the Soundcore flares don’t connect with this device.

Any tips&tricks to get it working?

Make sure, that the other devices are switched off.
Best to delete the speakers from the bt list of these and try a connection to the XIAOMI again.

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Sometimes this happens. The root cause is the sequence in which BT profiles are shared and it’s not a sign of a problem just happens sometimes.

To fix with Android you have to:

  • delete all pairings on everything ever paired.
  • turn Bluetooth off for anything ever paired. This is because sometimes the above step delete pairing doesn’t work and the step below doesn’t always work.
  • reset the speakers.
  • Android has a bug where delete pairing doesn’t delete everything so you have to either boot to recovery , wipe cache, boot, or settings, apps, include system, Bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot.
  • then phone Bluetooth on, pair normally.
  • should now work.

The folks who said they tried it already always did either a bad speaker reset or bad phone reset. The folks who vent about Soundcore and other brands worked fine just had good luck with other brands and bad luck with Soundcore and form a false conclusion from one experience. Sometimes there’s a dud unit so warranty but that’s the least likely.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunitely, it didn’t work.

Thanks for taking the effort to answer. Followed every step in your advice (settings, apps), but it didn’t work. Same message shows when trying to pair about a pin code or password needed. My son will probably give it a try later.

How confident are you there isn’t an active paired device in the area? These PIN code issues only arise when something gets confused. It’s not the speaker causing it.

@juliette.salah Hey, there. Normally, this speaker can pair with a Bluetooth device without a PIN (Password/driver) and there isn’t a PIN (Password/driver). Regarding your issue, please note that you can hold the “BassUP” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 8S at the same time to reset. When it reset successfully, the bass up and light indicators will flash twice and the speaker will power off. And then re-connecting them. If your issue is unfixed, please reach out to with your order information.