Soundcore Flare+ not turning on after firmware update

So I recently updated the firmware of my Soundcore Flare+ to the latest (A3161_Soundcore Flare V2.52-201903). After the firmware update, I realized that it wouldn’t turn on. Upon pressing the power button, the speaker lets out a sound I can only describe as a squeak. During this, the bluetooth logo flashes for half a second. If I hold the power button, the power, bluetooth, lights, and bass icons consecutively light up in that order. Any way to fix this?

It probably got stuck in some boot cycle. Try resetting it.

First delete the Bluetooth connection history for this speaker on your phone. Then hold down the power button on the flare+, and it should turn orange.

Then try to turn on the speaker and repair it.

If at first you don’t succeed, reboot - then contact support.

Holding the power button on longer is usually the way to reboot, but getting all of those lights sounds like it may be still in firmware update mode or something.

Sorry, but for the FLARE+ (plus) you must use the Firmware:

and not the one you use.