SOUNDCORE FLARE + power light is on but nothing happens

So I have a flare + and the problem I have is that the power indicator is just on . The White Power Symbol but the speaker is not actually on.

So no matter how long I hold down the power button nothing happens even if I try resetting by holding + volume button and Bluetooth button simultaneously nothing happens .

Please I need help… the white light has been on for like 2 days now

I would keep it on power till the battery totally drowns.
Then charge it again and see whats happening.

If solution above will not help and speaker is under warranty, just contact customer support by email

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ok I’ll wait till the light goes off. It could take days though.

But if the speaker is still under warranty you should ask the support.

So after a long wait. It finally went off and when I plugged it . It was charging for a while and after a while it happened. I actually reset the speaker when it charged up a bit. Then it later happened :cry:

Based purely on your words feels like a stuck button. How old is it? If it’s new then for sure warranty replacement but if older then try some isopropyl alcohol, dap it using q-tip around the button, let it seep in, press button, and then evaporate, repeat.

Ok I will try that but I honestly don’t think it’s a stuck button. This only happens when I plug it to charge. As it charges for a while. The white light on the power button comes up and just doesn’t go off.

No other button works after that until it’s fully drained or you’d have to unscrew the bottom and manually disconnect the battery. But I can’t keep doing that Everytime it happens​:weary::weary:

Oh…it’s gone beyond the warranty time and I live in Africa. So that’s whole lot of burden.

It’s hard to say what causes the problem. Looks like button problem to me.