Soundcore flare won't pair to new phone

My favorite soundcore flare speaker won’t pair with mybphone. Says I need an app but idk which one??

What kind of phone?

First delete the speaker from the bt list of your old phone.
Then do a reset of the speaker?
Then try a connection with your new phone.

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No app needed to pair the phone.
I will join @Chiquinho in his suggestions to delete all previous bt pairings an all devices and reset speaker.
Then pair it again with your phone.
Soundcore APP can be optionally used after speaker is paired. Depending on model of speaker app alows to adjust EQ settings or to use some additional features

That happens sometimes, delete pairing and reboot phone. If Android, delete pairing, reboot to recovery (search how) , wipe cache (not data), boot.

Then pair again.

Note most, not all, Soundcore products have an app, but you don’t use it to pair, you use it after paired and connected then run the Soundcore app and it should auto recognise.