Soundcore for me

I really need good quality sounding music in my life


You can look at the post below and search for the term (new music friday) they should give you new music.

Also what do you like

If you really want the best sounding quality you should try the liberty 2 pros.

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I agree Matthew. LOVE my Liberty 2 Pro’s :heart_eyes: Wear them almost daily at the gym and the sound is fantastic (unless they shift a little while lifting where I don’t quite get that tight seal).

I’ve heard a lot of great reviews on the liberty 2 pro

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Me too! I want to try them out. Anyone know of any discount codes?

Keep an eye out on the deals and steals section… I think there was an earlier post showing some great deals in the US market by @Shivam_Shah

Earbuds Discounts Amazon US

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