Soundcore for PC app hack? How trustworth?

Soundcore for PC - Free Download & Install on Windows PC, Mac (

I saw this here recently and it supposedly is an app for the Soundcore for the pc. It is interesting in that some people were wanting to use Soundcore app on the pc but the app is most likely not a safe bet to do (virus or other stuff)

I would be more willing to look at an Android emulator than a pc app if I wanted Soundcore on the pc. Although both would be risky per say,

I think it is interesting in how some folks find ways to hack in order to improve or make access to certain things more easier such as there is a bunch of old games and emulator to old game systems…

What do you think about it? Would you do it? I do see a need to limit device usage or they will be having to update all device types…


In my opinion it’s very risky. I suggest to avoid instalin it.

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Using Windows is always risky.
The most used OS is the most vulnerable. :grin:

I would never download such a “program”
If you have catched a virus you will be evidently lost not being a specialist to identify and remove it without any data losses.

I made this once and was really happy I could save data of my poor friend
(Using LINUX booting via USB etc)
But Windows was crashed and needed a new installation.
Of course its possible to identify and kill such a virus.
But you are never sure how deep it got into the system.
Those “Virus removers” are mostly crap and if these cost money they are more than crap.

There is one legit app on for firmware updating one or two of the older speakers, most people don’t own those speakers so irrelevant for most.

There is no windows app from Soundcore.

There is barely anyone who owns a PC who does not already own a Android or Apple phone, the need for a PC app is miniscule and I’d not want the Soundcore to waste their time servicing a niche and so do less bug fixing for the vast majority.

There are Android emulators around e.g. Virtualbox Android, but they rely on the bluetooth stack underneath at the host and that does not work for control.

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I would get an Android Emulator and install the App from the App store.

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I just thought it was kinda funny to see something somebody did for it to be on a pc.

I agree that most have devices and it is not worth it.

I just wonder how many may have saw that as it is the first time I saw it and I was not even trying to look for it.

So wonder how many have seen it if they were looking for it. Or if they downloaded it.

I am not expecting a VM to work.

The bluetooth stack is owned by the host OS, so the VM will not see the bluetooth device. You could connect the bluetooth device to the VM but then it would need the device drivers which don’t exist.

Any documented successes?

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I’ve never tried it myself because I have my App on Android so I don’t need to. I’ve heard of other people using them to play Android games on a PC, so I through it out there.

Yes the VM presents a virtual disk, virtual screen, virtual mouse, virtual keyboard, virtual sound. They don’t present a virtual bluetooth - well none I know. You could connect the physical bluetooth device to the VM but then where do the drivers come from? I have a healthy skepticism it won’t work so would search for a success story before putting in the effort.

You have similar issue with say Chromebook and Android apps, the Soundcore app installs but cannot connect to the audio device.

Typed on a Chromebook which has Android. Here’s the app - doesn’t work.

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No need to get all huffy. I was just saying what I would try. It doesn’t hurt to try. No harm, no foul.

For posterity anyone searching seeking knowledge…


This is all the profiles supported by my example Soundcore app-supported product.

  • A2DP is the higher definition audio (listening)
  • AVRCP is the control for play/pause etc
  • HFP is headset for the mic (and why for example Windows is dodgy as it’s either/or mic or audio quality)
  • Serial is how the app connects.

It’s that SPP profile which the last major stumbling block.

I’ve created Desktop program that allows you to change EQ eg change to base boost n stuff and able to check ANC settings such as Transport, Indoor, and outdoor.

heres a link to github link. It’s coded in Python and it’s open source. if your wondering if this a virus or something feel free to check out the code. also This program does not require you yo install it. all you have to do is to run the .exe and a gui will open up to control your headphone

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BTW I’ve contacted Soundcore about this app they said It was okay to create it and use their assets just as long as it does not harm the device. also here is some app screenshots.

Here’s little history why I decided to make one myself. when I first got this Q30 headphone I was really impressed but only problem is that I use it on my windows machine so if I want to change EQ settings I always have to pick my phone open app and then change it. so then I decided to research on how to reverse engineering the commutation that’s from headphone to mobile app. so then I created my own app in Python.


I’ve successfully capture connection between Headphone and the mobile app. if your wondering how it works you can check out this. It basically repeats same message that the mobile app sends to the headphone

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Interesting work you made.
I could use it when installing “wine” on my LINUX laptop, but I dont need that app at all.

You don’t need to use wine. I can compile the code to Linux or even MacOS basically any system I wish. I currently only owns a Windows machine so I can only make executable for Windows

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Thank you.

Of course you can compile such a code and its useable for LINUX.
Great to meet here a person who is skilled in those tasks.

I was working at the university for 45 years, now retired,
so I know about this a little bit. :grinning:

As I am using mostly speakers connected to my old Laptop here,
all stationary, there is no need for me.

But others may like to play around with it.

I know there was a request for such a tool useable under WIN.
But soundcore did not care about.
So you made a perfect job and I am sure you find users who will try it.


I did look at the serial commands going but never thought of reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering is tricky and students like it. :grin:

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No problem! During this process I learn lot about how Bluetooth’s protocol work n stuff so it’s plus on both side.

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