Soundcore Frames Giveaway

I think I know what @jercox means, it’s the dates. Currently you can only pre-order, you can’t actually order. Ordering begins 1st Nov. This competition ends Oct 28th. So it looks like only pre-order folks can enter.

these actually fit my face well. Good luck everyone! #ReframeYourSound



@Hannah the official soundcore Twitter is NOT soundcore_audio. It’s @soundcoreaudio so as not to add to the confusion, the first one doesn’t even have any post


Great idea and love the creativity.

Brilliant :smile:

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Sick frame!! I’d definitely wear these in public.

You can put prescription lenses in these right?

Good spot! I’ll update it.

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Nice initiative. Wxtra frames are always useful.

@Tank - this is only a giveaway for those who are buying the glasses. Which is currently pre-order only, as @georgef points out. The post mentions they would be a second bonus. Even if it weren’t, the rules include:

If you aren’t ordering the glasses in October during pre-order, this giveaway is not for you. You can’t win a “bonus” frame unless you are buying the glasses. Which makes sense, as without the $200 device, the $50 front piece isn’t useful.

@gwstarkey.gws - I am also curious about prescription lens availability and pricing. I tend to buy my glasses online because local stores in the US often charge 10 times as much, taking them to an optometrist to add prescription lenses might double the total cost.

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Mentions prescription.

Suggestion is they publish the size information for some or all of the size of lens for those compatible with prescription so allow online ordering of prescription lens.

Another good idea is to send these sizes to a few popular services and get them to offer a quote - so it becomes easier.

A step further is they select partners in the major markets (US, DE, CA, UK) who know the frame sizes, who will make up your lens and ship the frame with the lens.

Doing that, going beyond a “made in China” pure manufacturing mindset and more of a service, will really turn a technology wow reaction into a more general population wow.

I can fully understand why Anker doesn’t want get into selling Frames with prescription but with little effort, just a few emails to a few potential partners, they can facilitate prescription options far easier than the “do nothing” of present waiting for someone to buy own and walk down to an optician do the measuring fitting and wait for a “how to” guide to be invented by the community.

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Sorry but I still take it as not a preorder, they said:
“Try on all 10 frame styles, and then when you’ve found your favorites, you can pledge $1/£1/€1 to get a bonus front frame when you order the complete set of Soundcore Frames in November Today, we’re giving three lucky people a chance to win a second bonus front frame!”

Maybe early adopter is clearer than preorder? In either case, the giveaway is a bonus for those who are going to spend $200 on the device at launch anyway. I will not be eligible.

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Sad,y I’m not planning on preordering these so no luck for me entering. I really like this idea it’s just a lot of money for me to put into something before trusted reviews and testing comes out. Thanks for the chance though I think the product is a great idea


I am surprised no reviews yet. One of the livestreams of a popular reviewer said they had a review unit but could not say anything until embargo ends.

With so many thinking exactly the same $200 is a lot to shell out, and the pre-order finishing in a week, it would be good to allow the reviews to be released soon.

So if I get it right:

  • someone must pre-order, paying the $/£ 1 upfront to get the full set + 2nd frame
  • if they have won this “giveaway” and pre-order then they get a 3rd frame
  • If they don’t pre-order then they risk forfeiting their 3rd free frame as it goes to someone else.
  • There will be no reviews.

So someone is expected to pay $199 £150 etc for a product only seen in images and Adam’s live videos, with no reviews?

I have never seen that before, has anyone? I think reviews have been out during an initial pre-order period, which is fair, give someone a week or so to decide having seen reviews, but this giveaway appears to ask someone to be only qualified if they buy without reviews? I bought the Q30 a year ago using the early adopter discount and had a reasonable time to check reviews.

If I got it wrong apologies, I am only basing on what I see and I could see it incorrectly.

Frames - I love them. I think I invented them didn’t I?

Seems amiss you didn’t at least send me a pair to review.

I look forward to the “Frames Pro” with the 2 added microphones behind the ear to filter out more sound. You’ll kick yourself when I quote this message later, probably next year. I’m guessing but I am guessing from experience.

Agree fully. Considering their first product, it’s nailed a lot of the key needs (slim, the swappable front, etc) but it is still a lot of $ to ask without at least a few independent reviews.

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I’m still not 100% sure if I’ll bite on these… but I really like the idea behind them and have always been pleased with Soundcore products. So here are my pics from trying them on:

What a time to be alive image