Soundcore Frames information for prescription lenses

First of all I’m a guy who’s eyes aren’t what they used to be…

I am getting the cafe frames and would like to get prescription lenses installed and, would like to get some information/dimensions so I can take them to my eye doctor.

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Been asked many times.


@Damitux suggest email and ask and if they share something not confidential then share here.

The service are collecting current success case on prescription lenses at this moment. Will share next week and will keep collecting.


Frame Width: 144mm, Lens Width: 52mm, Bridge Width: 20mm.

You may also check on web for details as well.

These should be good enough for your eye doctor. And we are always here to make it right.

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For some reason, I thought some of the sizes was given with the front frame or in the kit when bought.

With that said, I did see this when I was looking at them on Amazon not too long ago. Look specifically at the size. (mm).

I think may show some partial specs. I am wondering if the 144 above and the 140 from the Amazon page is the difference between the small and large versions of them. :wink:

Thanks for all the information!!!:grinning::grinning:

That’s smart. There is only one arm size which is 140 for both Standard size and small size.
xx-xx-xxx is a standard mark for all lenses. It is required by regulations.

I don’t need prescription for myself but I am interested in helping these Frames be a success so helping.

140 vs 144. Surely from a comfort perspective you need to know the distance between the inside face at the front as that determines how they rest against the head? You need to know the outside dimensions which include twice the thickness of the sides/hinge to know what the lens have to fit in? So the image shows 144 from outside to outside so 140 is from inside to inside? They look about 2mm thick at the connector?

Do all fronts support prescriptions or only specific fronts?

You need an optician to adapt the fitting lenses into this frame.
Everything can be done, if you pay for it. :grinning:
But what I like to point out.
Could these “temples” adjusted for a constant and satisfying wearing,
(bent to fit behind the ear)
I know what I am taking about, wearing glasses since 50 years.

Not sure as I was doing the same. I just found that and thought it has some potential measurements. I was almost sure from one of the reviews or one of the steamers showed a card in the lens box and stated the glasses specs and giving all the dimensions. I thought it was Brannon no D but have not had time to go check it back out again.

The current product physically cannot it’s obvious from the information we have so far.

For wishlist for future versions, well I can see the engineering challenges in doing that, they are filling the “temples” / “sides” / “arms” with electronics, each is independently electrically with their battery, microphones, speakers, bluetooth, charging circuity and other electronics, and within a solid shape.

To make that bendable would mean the electronics has to be not within the bending part, so you’d have to shrink electronics or make the arms thicker in places. That would lower performance / raise cost / make uglier.

I’m not saying impossible, I’m saying if you presented me with that challenge, I’d be saying “errm, no” or “let me think about it”.

This may well end up at current technology a horse for courses conclusion. Some folks prefer each of the different Soundcore products, the Frames won’t suit some people’s heads/ears/preferences but the Frames will suit someone. Probably we won’t know the full set of use cases for some months.

I just see someone owning both Frames and something else like an in-ear bud and swapping between them. I see some will just use these for outdoors sunglasses + sound and use prescription for reading. Most age related vision issues are long sighted. Long sightedness is worse in darker situations (pupil open less pinhole effect)

First step is to buy the Frames, decide if comfortable, then decide if prescription lens, get them then report back to community how well it works for them.

I don’t need prescriptions, as a young man I figured out what makes eyes worse and avoided.

Yes, of course your comments are right.
But I see there are huge expectations.
Many are talking about prescriptions lenses and their adapting.
So they have to envisage additional costs which will not be low.
These are only my two cents.

It is why I envisioned a potential set of the temples without the frames being on them being sold at a later date.

If you have two front frames, you can use the soundcore frames on one and then make another pair of glasses out of the other non frame temples…

You use it with your prescriptions, to make a second pair of sunglasses when say the front frames are being used by another family member or even still use them as the soundcore frames are recharging.

If this is a potential option, I would not give that option until after say the initial market is done for the soundcore Frames.

I think it’s been debated can it be done yes/no/maybe and it’s towards the maybe/yes rather than the maybe/no.

Early adopters just have to factor into decisions on whether and how they buy given it’s a probably yes rather than a confirmed yes.

For those who want to absolutely know for sure just have to wait, probably a month - 6 weeks to wait for early adopters to confirm it actually works, and ideally share their experiences and what it cost them.

For my own curiosity, I looked up the proportion of long vs short sightedness, seems to be location and age variations. Short sightedness due to looking for too long at nearby things (computers) is getting worse.

As sunglasses is more of an outdoors thing, where short sightedness would struggle to see further away things, you’d think a more common need for prescription sunglasses?

Think we have been discussing too much!

So how do we say here:
“Never slaughter a bear you haven’t shot”! :rofl:
Enough said! :laughing:
PS: I am short sighted since my youth and now I got cataract.
I use two types of glasses : Computer and Outdoor.
BTW: You will ruin your eyes if you get problems with the computer and not using glasses. Believe me!

That is not what is being said. It is being said to wait a week and let the success stories be collated. Don’t order now if it’s important.

For most here it is approaching winter so no rush to order sunglasses.

Winter could mean snow and sun.
Snow is reflecting the sun rays -> sunglasses.
btw : Its summer then in the southern hemisphere -> sunglasses. :laughing:

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Hey Guys, here is what we got from our Beta Testers.
So far here are 12 guys in US, CA, UK and DE, got their prescription lenses.
Some of the useful information are as followig,

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Richard, thanks for sharing. They all are repeating the point of “you go to your opticians” which means a physical process.

Is there no way this can be done electronically? Measurements, a PDF actual size?

I don’t need prescriptions but I am keen for these Frames to be a success so suggesting ways to make them sell faster.

That’s correct. So far, it is not done by Soundcore’s service. But there is one for MrSpex whhich is done online. We have plan on providing such service but will not have it done this year. We may see it some time next year.