Soundcore Frames Review

You have a lot of green in those pics. :rofl: I guess a potential comment coming up on another thread. :slight_smile:

Great to hear. Hope they give years of enjoyment.

I guess the next goal is to try to get on a beta test for version 2 if they have it. :wink:

A lot of folks seemed to have gotten the Promenade frames, I am guessing to use with their eye glasses as those are the first ones to sell out but will say they do have a decent set of frames to pick from.

I like this even if it was not controllable and was just like the normal light activated tint lenses.

Indeed but I’ve noticed the last thread and last photo tend to win so Sunday is photo day. I’m heading into very green areas now with the Frames.

There certainly can be a brightness detector in a future frames but having app programmable control is opened up if you allow electronics in the front.

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Nice review and photos. Pros and cons are useful. Thanks for sharing.


Nice thorough review. Thanks for sharing it! :+1:


Awsome review. Thank you for your efforts!


Well met review Sir. Thanks for taking the time to put together and share.

Some good insights as well as a succinct pros and cons list.

Pity they aren’t quite sufficient in crowded / busy areas, mind you may be difficult given the speakers don’t focus the sound into the ear so much as earbuds would…

:star::star::star::star: On the review :wink:


A question here…

How is the case? I know it is triangle shaped but does it fit the glasses well? Do you keep them attached, detached or are you going to find a different case for them.

Or a different setup for them such as a fanny pack.

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The case in my view is illogical bad design.

It’s not big enough to hold the glasses, there’s magnetic lid but the glasses inside too big for the lid to close.

So I won’t be using it.

Not with the case right now to show photo.

I’m going to use a soft pouch I got with some other glasses.

I keep them attached and intend to swap the lens infrequently. Attaching the sides is fairly easy but removing them takes a significant force. That informs me that force will wear out the mechanism so I need to swap the fewest times to get max life.

I’ve stated already I think the swappable fronts is a gimmick and adds a mechanism which is a failure area. Given the the electronics must be towards the lower cost end there’s no ANC, Ambient , LDAC, to drive up costs they should just make non-removable successor with electronics in the front. E.g. reactolight type with light sensors making instantly changing tint, microphone in the frame inside lower edge for proximity to mouth. They could possibly put a wireless charging loop in the frame but that may make them chunky heavier which makes them easier to fall and break, would need prototypes and diverse beta testers under NDA.

How do they look on me?

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The ordered separately spare charging cable is noticeably sturdier than the one bundled in the Frames pack.

The bundled one looks exactly the sort of thin wire you’d expect to split where it enters the USB or magnetic ends.


The Add-on upper, the bundled lower.

I’m fairly confident the bundled cable will fail, so I’ll try to use the bundled one most and the add-on is a spare backup so if replacement required it’s more likely in warranty period.

I’ve taken photo of packaging and serial number for future searches if I do need to make warranty claim.

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That is a thorough review. I like it.

As a prescription glasses wearer, there is an extra barrier to entry for me.

And the fact that everyone around you can hear what you hear is a big negative for most of my use cases. I’m glad it works for yours - but in the end I think that very much limits the potential market for these. Most of the time, I am wearing headphones to keep my sound to myself. The exceptions are limited enough that it is not worth having a second device.

For TWS that won’t fall out - the Spirit X2s have ear loops that I have found to be very secure, and sound pretty good. They need a full passthrough / transparency mode to be used for your context though.


Same for me.
I usually wear those in trolleybuses, subways, trains and planes.
Not a place to disturb other with your noise…
"noise pollution"


Knowing what you want is most of the struggle. Sounds like you know these not a fit you.

If you want a successor to loop over ear with ANC put your case in an email so it floats higher in their minds.

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My Frames died.

The left side fully dead. The right side I could only turn it off. It was on without the connection sound and if I connected would immediately disconnect. I presume as these don’t have mono mode the right couldn’t connect to the left and so wouldn’t work itself.

Waiting on warranty replacement.


Well… It’s upseting. Hope replacement frames will be OK

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Hope better fortune than your overears…

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Replacements arrived today. It’s a full set minus the front which was empty box.
So that means I’ve got another cable and case.

Replacements works charging now.

It does beggar the question of why buy a spare cable as a warranty replacement gets you another cable anyway.


  • working fine Monday.
  • Tuesday dead, reset didn’t work. Photos and email to support.
  • Wednesday they say to try to reset, which I’d already tried, told them that.
  • Thursday they say to post back just failed sides, I asked them to not wait and send out replacement asap on promise of posting back. I then posted back later that day.
  • Friday they said replacement shipped, but no tracking.
  • Saturday delivered.

The case is probably the weakest part, it’s magnetic closed and is very tight, reluctant to want to close and stay closed.

While support, relative to other vendors is excellent, I had already thought of and tried everything and wrote it up thoroughly, so they could have read that and saved 2 days telling me and waiting for a reply.

I’m off backpacking hiking camping Monday with these to listen while walking, and some in ear ANC buds for pub / night.


Glad you got the replacement parts in time for your trip. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with them while in the wilds.

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Nice , the replacement came quick.

It is unique that it came in the same box minus the frames. Nice to know new charging cables though.

Happy hiking…


If all customers are treated that excellent way its perfect!


Leaving phone signal soon…

After I packed everything, backpack felt way too heavy so repacked with a more minimalist setup, ditched more electronics, using some Skullkandy old fashioned wired in-ear buds plugging into my phone’s aux port. Some non-tech £20 sunglasses.

I’ve saved a few ounces…