Soundcore frames

So I’m wanting to purchase these but I would like some good old fashioned honest feedback from people who have actually bought and used them look forward to hearing from you all

There are many regulars here who bought them and wrote a lot about it.
Search for it and read.

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I have them and used for months.

I like them, not perfect but a strong recommendation. I did a review and then what I feel are shortcomings, if those shortcomings are deal breakers then wait otherwise I’d recommend them strongly.

I have them as well and wear them some but not as much as @The_Professor has.

I will say that I am impressed by them overall. As far as use, it may depend on where you want to use them. In most situations, you should be good but in loud area, you may struggle to hear.

You will need to look at the front frame sizes. If your head is small a small front frames is good vs you having a larger head. So do standard size.

Soundcore has several on sale for about 99 after discount. I think a lot of those are smaller front frames.

I also got a clear front frames for use indoors as well.

It is a little different at first to be hearing the music clearly and also being able to listen to your wife and not saying huh. Lol.

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I think they would be cool, but I have great sunglasses (Rudy Project) and don’t think they would sound as good as the Earbuds I have (L3P, L2P+, L2P, and LA2P). That’s why I haven’t got them yet.

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Correct, they don’t sound as good, they solve a use case problem of needing good ambient hearing without using a speaker. So walking / biking typically.

In loud traffic I can’t hear them, but then in traffic I don’t want to hear them.

They complement other products, swap between as the situation changes.

Before I had the Frames, walking i’d use the around-neck type product, in one ear, then temporarily take the one ear out when crossing a road. For cycling I used nothing (so didn’t listen to anything). The Frames removed that step and I always wear sunglasses anyway for sun or block wind blown debris (insects mostly) when biking so I could use these all day every day while out moving.

People who don’t have that use case won’t benefit.

The sound quality is good nonetheless, it’s exactly the same as a small speaker low volume next to ear.

I did get the “winter mode” clear frames so I could benefit when biking in winter but the lens not that big I may get another front set. I’d use Notes to do that if they hadn’t stopped given them to me in April. Sigh.

Couldn’t you just use Transparency Mode @The_Professor? That’s what I do when riding my bike. Either that or bring one of my speakers along (like the Mini 3).

Valid question.

The ambient mode isn’t as good, it blocks bass, I can’t sense as good what is coming from where.

Also buds just fall out.

If I didn’t have a hearing problem or need to wear glasses I would gladly give them a try I have to strain when background noise is loud to hear if it was a matter of looking for something for at the beach or out on a walk I think the mini, boom, or buds would be my personal best option though I still think about them