Soundcore Glasses update suggestion


I don’t know if this has been suggested before or is possible for the Soundcore glasses but it would be great if there was an option in the settings for the sound to automatically adjust when entering noisy atmosphere’s or reducing the sound when leaving a noisy environment. Could the microphone pickup on noise levels and adjust on the fly i.e say leaving a quiet room like an office and automatically adjust for noisy traffic when walking home and then re adjust when you get home to a quieter environment.

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Could be created by a special switch in the app.
Some may like others not.

But could be dangerous .
When walking home in some noise traffic and you can not hear
a horn from a car.

I would suggest to send your thougts on improvement to Soundcore by email

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I got a set of Frames yesterday.

This is a good idea, should be easy to implement.

I set the forward and backward swipes both left and right to be volume up and down. I set double tap to play/pause, and kept wear detection on.

In noisy environments like near traffic even on maximum volume it wasn’t loud enough. In quiet environments when it was just-right volume for me, there’s a lot of sound leakage to others. If I tested by disabled wear detection so I’m hearing what others hear, it’s quiet loud.

So I’m thinking they can’t really get loud enough for noisy environments and not really quiet enough for quiet environments?

What’s your experience?

True, but if you could set your own parameters that could work as well. i.e set how high you want the speakers to go and how low you would like them reduce to you. Then you can set your own level of risk if it’s a concern.

That’s what I said.
Of course all to your own risk.
But you know the jurisprudence in the USA, there must be a pile of warnings the manuals.
Otherwise risky for the manufacturer.

I really like them. I agree it’s difficult to know what level to set the sound at in different environments. I’ve tested with the low setting and found people can’t really hear when my phone is set about quarter volume in quiet environments (surround sound on, level 3, equalizer signature) but everybody’s phone is different I also find it depends on how loud the music has been recorded. I’m ok with the loudness if I set my phone to max for say traffic but it’s right on the edge of being able to hear, so definitely get what your saying.

I Never thought about that, you could be right. I don’t know maybe you could add a disclaimer/warnings on the app if you choose to use it.