Soundcore Goes to New York

Ahoy there,

You may have noticed that this little corner of the Internet has been building up a bit of buzz recently. Has it given you a feeling that something big might be approaching…? Well, it is! And today, we’ve got some more juicy morsels of information to share with you.

On Wednesday the 25th of September at 15:55 EDT we’re going to take some of The Collective’s buzz and drop it right in the middle of New York. We’ll be holding a media event to unveil the 2nd generation of our Liberty true wireless series. Attendees will learn all about these new products (and their technology) directly from some very important Soundcore staff. There’ll also be interviews with Grammy Award winning audio engineers (one of which won awards with the Rolling Stones) who have already had the chance to put some of the products through their paces. I’m psyched to hear what they have to say, what about you guys?

Oh, and I almost forgot one very important thing. You’re invited. Yes, you! Everyone in The Collective is invited to join the live stream and hear all the secrets right as they’re announced - we’ll be hosting it here and across our social platforms. Not to mention we’ll have some special treats exclusively for The Collective viewers :wink:.

Remember, this is an unveiling event. Pre-orders will be coming very soon afterwards so even if you don’t manage to catch the event itself, keep your eyes peeled for some cool promotions in the VERY near future.

As this is the first livestream we’re doing through The Collective, we’d love to get some ideas from you. Would you guys just like to be right in the audience or do you have other special requests? What else would you like to see from the livestream? Feel free to offer any suggestions below and we’ll see what we can do to make them a reality.


Welcome to the Collective mate! A big thanks to Will, who is our most senior copywriter at Anker Innovations!

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Welcome @Will look forward to seeing interesting content and articles from you

These articles are becoming more and more interesting… few more days :smiley:

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Welcome @Will glad to have you aboard with us.

Cant wait to see the live broadcast, how will you be broadcasting and on what platform?and what time?

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@Will welcome! I cannot wait for this livestream! I will definitely be watching it!!

One thing I really like in live-streams is the ability to live chat, and even have some soundcore staff to chat with.

I really hope this hype isn’t for nothing!!

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Finally! I cant wait for this launch!

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I’m very happy to say I’ll be hosting this one! I’ve just finished packing my bags for NY, and I’m due to leave my apartment here in Shenzhen in four hours - I may as well not sleep! Looking forward to chatting to you all live!


Ooh, I didn’t know you were in China. I figured you worked in a US branch.

Have fun hosting! I wish I could come to the live event lol

Good questions! We’ve updated the article. Thanks for the reminder!!!

For me you’re doing it; making the launch accessible via live stream, having recognised sound/audio professionals passing comment on and recommending the products and, above all, rewarding loyalty by offering promotions, (possibly discounts for pre-orders) for a limited time.

Well done Soundcore/Anker.


Go to and they already have a preorder discount. If you sign up now, you get a 35% off coupon at launch

Welcome @Will I will definitely be watching the live stream :tv: and I can’t wait for the launch :movie_camera:

This is exciting!! I would love to see some of the behind the scenes for those of us in the community to watch. Maybe start streaming a little earlier for us as well so we can be sure to tune in! Looking forward to it!!

Woo hoo! Looking forward to it and welcome to the fun, @Will!

@Loz how long will the live stream be? I just realized I may not be able to participate because that’s when I am able to finally return to work from my knee surgery

Man, I’ll probably miss it because of work.

Hope the recovery is going well and seamless! Just do what I do and stream it in a small window or listen from your phone if you can. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the community @Will nice to see the team here growing!

Curious and looking forward to the live broadcast and compared to some companies it’s not at a completely ungodly hour for us non-US folk :slight_smile:

I have to apologize not taking part.
Old man needs to sleep!
But even without me you all will doing your best! :joy:

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This is awesome. I can’t wait!

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