Soundcore =Hit after Hit after Hit

Lil update… after using for last 3 days i gotta say i am really enjoying these!!! They are on par with the 3 pro for anc and transparency. Not quite as strong but close. Where the x10 do beat the 3 pro tho is when anc or transparency are enabled and im outside and its windy. The x10 even with wind reduction enabled on them and the 3 pro there is less wind noise with the x10. Both are phenomenal but maybe its where the microphones are located on x10 vs the 3 pro that its practically non existent!!! Darn good job Soundcore!!! Just had to add that!!! Just got x10 in and soundcore as usual did an amazing job here. Im pretty floored by the sound and fit of these. Much smaller than powerboats pro my brother in law has and man do they pack a punch!!! All 3 have their uses but no doubt I now have the pair I’d been looking for on heavy rain days at work or out mowing lawn. Rockin moondrop spring tips xl on 3 pro and x10 then spinfit cp100+ on 2 pro +. Spring tips seem to tame bass on 3 pro and x10 especially in anc or transparency modes but open up the Soundstage a bit at the same time. They’re my new favorite tips after loving the spinfit cp360!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Very nice review… summed it up in a good title as well.

Nice & to the point, good wrap up.

Thanks for sharing your review. Short and sweet! :+1:

Glad you like them. Thanks for sharing