Soundcore Icon - Great for on the Lake!

Hey everyone! It’s been a LONG time…too long. I took out the Icon with the family today on the lake for the first time. This thing was awesome for so many reasons!

  1. The sound quality from such a little speaker was great.
  2. It’s really light. I had it on my paddle as I was paddle boarding and it never got in the way or felt like a speaker was attached to the end.
  3. WATERPROOF! I accidentally dunked it in the water a few times while setting my paddle down. No worries, shake it out to restore audio quality and you’re good to go.
  4. Battery life is wonderful. It gets 12-hours on a full-charge. I only charged it on my 15 minute drive to the lake, granted it did have some juice in it still, but it lasted the whole 4-hours we were out goofing around.

My family is connected with music. We have music playing from several rooms all throughout the day in many different genres. It’s wonderful to be able to spend a day out in nature with family and still bring along some of our favorite music. The two stations we had playing were “Jamaican Vibrations” from Amazon Music and “Fleetwood Mac Radio” from Pandora.

I hope you all are having a fun and safe weekend while enjoying some of your favorite music. Until next time, take care!

P.S. I still have a review coming of the Soundcore Trance. I’m so sorry for the delay on that one. The review has been written for months, I’m just having a hard time doing the video review. I’m trying to get that done soon. :smile:


Nice review

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:scream: HE’S BACK! :scream:


I knooow! Woo!..lif …amirite?

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Thanks so much!

Nice review! Waiting to see the Trance review now! And welcome back!!

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Thanks so much! I wish I hadn’t have been gone for so long. Hopefully my Trance draft is still saved. Haha.

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Oh yea hope so. They updated quite a lot and deleted things on the way so check the draft and let us know

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Nice review glad to see you back again!

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I would be worried about having my phone on the water as the music source… Sounds like a great time though.

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Great photos and looks like a nice relaxing time.

I enjoyed the review and glad the icon survived the dunk…

Thanks for the share

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Nice review.
Great to see you back in the family.
(No more “lost son”) :grinning:

Please don’t mount the speaker to the paddle blade and paddle! :rofl:

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That’s awesome you took it on the lake! I’m going to miss going to our cottage now since summer has come to the end :frowning: Enjoy while you can.

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Thanks for the heads up there! I noticed the layout has changed. I was going to post the photos only, but that section was gone. haha.

Update: IT’S GONE!!! Noooo. It was a long review too with photos and everything. Ugh. Oh well. That’s my fault for not doing when I was supposed to. Lesson learned.

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lol! I got the new iPhone when it came out. It’s “waterproof”, so I’m trying to remember that and not worry too much about it. It got a little damp in my pocket, but never actually got wet. It was GREAT to have it on me though. I got some fun photos of the family that day. :slight_smile:

LOL!!! HELLOOOOOOOOO! Thanks so much! It’s good to be back here. :smile:

I tried to mount it to the board, but couldn’t find a good spot for it. The top of the paddle was honestly a great spot to have it and it didn’t get in the way once.

Nice review, thanks!

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I actually summoned mine from the lake itself.


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You’re like Thor reaching for Mjölnir. LOL!

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The old game, no solution! :rofl: