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Hey guys,

As the dust settles on our New York event, back in Soundcore towers we’ve been reflecting on your response to our big announcements. We’re thrilled to see you guys getting excited to try our new Spirit and Liberty earbuds, and we’ve been blown away by the amount of coverage our event and products received on tech blogs and news sites.

Today, we thought we’d bring together reports from journalists and audio enthusiasts who have heard these earbuds in the flesh. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into how these bad boys sound before you get them in your own ears.

“Anker was demoing these at its event, and even with some errant noises that are inherent to these kinds of venues, they sound is impressive” - The Verge [Link]

The Verge is keen to hear more of Liberty 2 Pro. How do you guys think they’ll sound?

“The new Liberty Air 2 ($100) has been upgraded with USB-C charging and wireless charging, better battery life and improved call quality, as well as a classier looking matte finish.” - CNET

CNET singled out Liberty Air 2 for some cool feedback.

“If you’re sick of earbuds coming loose during a workout, the Spirit X2 have a much more stable earhook design. They have larger drivers and better battery life than the other Spirit earbuds, and they’re IP68 rated. The case has USB-C, too.” - Android Police

And our all-new workout earphones, Spirit X2, were highlighted by Android Police.

Due to the turnout at the event on Wednesday there wasn’t much time for everyone to get a complete listening experience, but we’ll be sending out samples for media reviews ASAP. For those who can’t wait, remember Liberty 2 Pro is already available for preorder in the US, UK, and Germany.


So what about you guys, did you enjoy the livestream? Which earphones are you most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments below!


Thanks @Will I’m most excited about the Pro 2 and spirit x2

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Thanks @Will. I really enjoyed the livestream of the launch as Soundcore announced amazing new products. :smile::gift:

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Thanks for the update @Will! Only managed to catch part of the event live but certainly excited for the Liberty 2 Pro’s…firmly on my to pickup list :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now that im off work and have more time to post, I’ll elaborate on why im looking forward to the Spirit Pro 2 and the Spirit X2.

The Spirit Pro 2 promises a balanced armature…my last IEMs that had this were wiked expensive, but produced the best sound. Pairing this up with atrial acoustical architecture has me intrigued as to how well they will sound. If the hype is as good as it claims I may have to get a few pairs for family members who are Singers and value Sound quality.

The Spirit X2 has me hyped as well because if the ipx68 rating, the ear hook design and larger driver as well as better battery life can only help further my want for these. If I can swim and work out with these and not lose them, then I’m sold. Sign me up asap

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I’m excited for the Spirit X2 as well! Thanks for the update, @Will!

Of course I liked the livestream :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Well, I didn’t watch it live haha

going to have to watch the live stream…

You missed it, it was on Wednesday

i meant the recorded livetsream lol

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I was going to watch it but then remembered that 15:55 was 3:55 and that was when I drive home from work LOLOL I do like the USB C trend that those micros chargers.

Can’t wait to get my liberty 2 pros

As excited as I was to read all the big publications review of the products, I was more excited about the sound engineers that spoke on behalf of SC to describe their experiences. The way in which they described the sound and how “true” it was to what it sounds like in a studio was very impressive.

I’m also looking forward to community members reviewing these same products. I hope that those without a musical ear will still be able to appreciate the range and tone of the sound they are able to produce.

I honestly can’t wait to get my Pro 2’s when they come in. I will be counting down the days until they are shipped and safely in my hands to play with.

Thank you @Will for bringing all the reviews for coverage of Liberty launch to single post :clap:

Saw this thread on time before i posted the review coverage by Android Police!

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Thanks, @Will. I’m really excited to hear how the 2 pros sound, but I was also really intrigued by the design of the X2s.

The news coverage was impressive, and there were several articles out there covering the promo launch price of the pros also. I saw three to four articles on the new lineup in my normal everyday news sites.

It must have worked as I ended up preordering the pros! Seriously, it can be hard to get such good coverage especially as a newer brand name so good job to whoever sent out the invites and such.

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