Soundcore Infingi Pro Sound delay

I’m using my Infini pro with LGC8. Lately there is a delay in the sound when I switch channel. Sometime the sound drops off and I have to restart to get the sound back. Any suggestion.

Same issue here with Apple TV. I dare not pause anything because it can take 5-10 seconds for audio to come back. Looked everywhere to see if there is a firmware update (none exist). Any help from the Soundcore folks would be nice.

There is obvious delay when the video is played on the TV and the Sound is heard, but 1 to 2 seconds on mine and I didn’t bother much about it.
How did you connect your soundbar to TV? I used HDMI ARM.

The other major issue I have is the sound drops off for couple seconds and I need to look for the remote control to see if someone accidentally stepped on it… then realize it’s the soundbar doing it :rofl:
It happens every 10 to 15 mins.