Soundcore Infini IR Codes

Hello Everyone, i tried my best searching all the interwebs to find this but i guess i am the first one asking this.

I purchased the Soundcore Infini a few years back and i am still extremely happy with it. There aren’t any technical issues.

My only issue: I would like to know if there are specific HEX codes for all 4 sources of imput.
Right now i use a IR Blaster to control the soundbar (just to avoid having 18 remotes around the house). Sadly the remote has only one button for inputs and you have to cycle through them to find the source you want. I am in fact only interested in two inputs. 3,5mm headphone jack and optical audio but every time i try to switch from one source to the other i have to go through every source - mostly multiple times (even with the original remote) because it just ignores the command or delays the action.

I hope someone has already tried this or someone from the team has more info on the codes.

Does someone know the HEX codes for switching to a specific input source instead of cycling through them - if there are any - for a IR Blaster (Broadlink mini 4)

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My best guess would be to reach out to the Soundcore support team this might be information that they can provide you. You can email them at

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Thinking this may be what you are asking about? @dvdcmrn

Check DuckDuckGo for “ universal remote codes for infini pro soundbar”

The link I selected was the tasmota GitHub one, you can search in their search bar for the infini pro.

Sorry don’t know if I can post link directly…

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Hey Guys, thanks for your help.

The support was sadly not able to help.

I tried the Codes from the Pro but those don’t work with the normal infini soundbar.

If anyone ever found one hex code by accident i would still love to hear all about it!

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@hi, please know that you can contact the customer service at and they’ll double confirm it with the product engineer.

I contacted them without success. Here is what their Support Team answered:

Regarding your question:
I’m so sorry. We don’t have HEX codes that we can provide, and the soundbar cannot permanently disable Bluetooth.

Thank you for the help though!

Sorry it took work out. No way to have the link learn with the remote you have for the sound bar?

No sadly the remote only has a ‘source’ button - not one specific for each source.

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