Soundcore Infini Pro Review

Figured since there are so many new faces here I would share my review of the Soundcore Infini Pro!

For those who like videos you can find the video link here:

If you prefer the written type of review you can check it out here:

I’ll also be doing a follow up review in the coming months about my thoughts on it after using it for an extended period of time.


Just so you know, this review is not worth points.

As per the rules, you can’t post a previously posted review (such as this) and get the points for it. Since this was posted on the anker community, this isn’t valid for points.

In addition, second reviews on the same product (such as a follow up review) will not be worth points.

Good thing I don’t do it for the points. :wink:


Stop confusing people and get your facts straight. He is fine to post this here as per @Loz

Quick Review - Soundcore Flare


I got called out for starting threads earlier, because “it won’t get you points if you already posted two”. That is literally going to be the case with people with this. We were not all here to post for points, I want it to be how it is/was on Ankers where you could ask a damn question or post something you thought was interesting without being called out for points.


Lol yea, Its funny how the people complaining about points are the same ones that whine about not getting things they “deserve” because they have been along for a long time. :face_with_monocle:

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Y’all can post whatever you want. I’ll just leave it up to the admins. Just have fun :wink:

I got called out on my post for being “about the points” as well…

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Again, as @Loz said these post are fine. Andrew @TechMan just likes to start trouble

Hey, that one wasn’t me.

A few of us posted similar about copying reviews before Lawrence clarified it for everyone, so it could have been anyone of us. But going foward new reviews are shared from our profile and other ones can be shared here

I see. A little confusing, but okay

Thanks for the review! Currently looking for a Soundbar and waa debating if i should get the Infini Pro or the Standard version.

@aestheticjazz If your willing to wait until November, there will be a newer version of this soundbar with built in Fire TV released under the Nebula brand

Glad you found the review useful!

Not all of us are doing it this way (least I know @TechMa. And I dont complain about perceived “deserved products”) . Only a few that have become confused by the rules. Personally I am thrown off by how we are handling 2 communities for 1 brand.

Agreed. In every complain about not “winning” giveaways. Anker beyond nice by even giving stuff away at all. Me winning is a special bonus and perk I sometimes get.