SoundCore/ JBL Debate

Hey, this is a debate where SoundCore goes head on against other audio brands. I invite all preferences and opinions to settle this, me and all my friends have been arguing which brand is better and hopefully this will help me with the argument

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Soundcore has come out swingin!!! Top of the line for bottom of the barrel prices. Jbl has gotten lazy n charges ridiculous prices for name only.


Agreed! The new charge 5 is going for 160 and the Motion boom is in the spotlight. Also if u look through speakers on the SoundCore app u can see two new speakers coming out soon

Soundcore- very good quality and price!


I’m partial to multiple flare 2s.

Great spatial sound and room to grow the hive more…


Had jbl extreme 2 then got motion plus… brought back extreme 2… then got the motion boom id take either the plus or boom over extreme 2 in a heartbeat and I will personally never touch a jbl product again… needless to say I love soundcore I also own the liberty 2 pro the spirit x2 the q30 and just ordered the life a2 nc… but for a bt speaker I now own 2 w king d9s for last 2 months… to me the d9 is what you’d get if you mixed the motion plus and boom as 1 and at same price as boom ya get 2 woofers 2 tweeters and 1 big passive radiator plus 60 watts rms and some of best battery life I’ve ever had on a bt speaker doesn’t quite have the low rumble bass of the boom but where it excels is rock music and hooked up to my note 20 ultra no matter how id eq the plus or boom when id get to 80 percent volume theyd start to distort and the sound dropped off… these d9 speakers just scream and no matter volume or genre I’m yet to hear any distortion they just get louder and more beautiful as ya turn em up… Im beyond happy with these 2 speakers but as soon as soundcore comes with a boom with 2 tweeters I will be all over it or somethin similar to that!!! And again as far as earbuds I’ve tried many all the way up to 300 momentums nothing sounds as good as the L2P same with over ears to me the q30 are best of the best and even at their full price of 79.99 are an absolute steal… the spirit x2 are also great only thing I wish is they were compatible with soundcore app and was gonna hold off on the a2 nc but after watchin el jefe latest review on earbuds under 100 with anc my curiosity got the best a me… they will be here monday!!! So again just waitin for soundcore to do their own version of puttin the boom and plus into 1 and then the liberty 3 pro with anc and transparency mode!!! Those gotta be coming soon right soundcore!!!


Best thing is to make list of pro n con to help decide

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I gotta give it to Soundcore, their stuff is the best for the price!

Hi, I have the Motion Boom. What annoys me about JBL/HK is that their speakers are designed to go louder when connected to mains power. This for me is a cheat, because you basically put an inferior battery in a ‘portable’ speaker and then compete with true wireless speakers. Reviewers then have to compare standalone and wired. A Bluetooth speaker should have one power mode, battery only…and not charge the sun and the moon prices for brand name only!


I’ve never heard that before, but I guess it makes sense. You take a brand that is very popular, and then make people pay astronomical prices so they can brag to their friends that they have a high quality speaker, when the value is not worth the price.

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There are a LOT of products on both sides. So it depends is probably the answer.

Also whether the question is best bang for the buck, or just best with no caveats.

Totally bogus!! And they def shouldn’t give more power for plugging in a “portable” speaker. As if that makes up for WAY cheaper speakers punking them out on battery…oh wait on mains too!! Haha!!! They earned the name, but they are quickly losing it. Prices too high for product these days on most. :thinking:

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I suggest we all stop thinking of brand.

Brand is a type of falsehood, it is trying to paint all products under one umbrella so seek to make a good review in one product bleed through into other products.

There is no such thing as a good brand, only good engineers and good support.

The key is to look for discerning, i.e. highly critical , reviewers who then say a product is good after extensive hands-on over some time. If you get enough of them the product is good. Don’t then think the brand is then going to do anything else.

I’d hate to see a well engineered product ignored due to a bad brand, and I’d hate to see someone conned into buying a badly engineered product due to same brand as some well reviewed product.

Brand is just a logo, the imagination of marketing, and marketing don’t have mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, etc, qualifications.

I’ve always found Anker support excellent, but I’m sure there’s some dud Soundcore products.

Best way to influence me is put beta prototypes in hands of critical reviewers, and release product after their feedback all addressed, or if they can’t be addressed have a good description of known issues in the sales literature.

Community is good to share tips and tricks and advice, good and bad, often faster than official support who then get hit a little less often and so can focus on the new problems none know the fix for yet.

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