Soundcore Kids Version

Keeping with my current topic theme, I have 2 daughters under that age of 2 that love music and movies. We recently went on vacation to which I purchased a set of headphones for her for the plane that were geared towards children (cat ears and lights and such) that also limited the amount of sound that was produced and fit more for a childs head. They were a godsend on the plane because she was able to sit back and enjoy the movies she was watching while allow it to drown out any noise from the plane. Doubtful they would ever create a line, but what are your thoughts on having headphones designed for children?


I think this is a great idea, other companies have audio lines for kids so why not Soundcore. Even better is if they can make them adjustable, such as have a volume limiting switch that limits the volume in 3 stages. so they can grow with the kids

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lot of headphones and headsets come with adjustable options which suit most of the kids (5 and older) …headset market is already crowded, need more innovation / quality than quantity.

A few of the companies already make children’s headphones where its built in volume restriction.

I would support this. My 2 year old looks like he will be a techy too and something with extra protection is a plus. I have seen other makers and many items are junky and not worth the premium.

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I’m not talking about basic volume restriction, I know they already have that. What I’m saying is they should make some that can adjust and grow with the child…say for under 5 they would use the 3rd setting to restrict volume to no more than 20%, ages 6 to 10 50%, and 11 to 17 75% and finally no restriction

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It’s a good idea, as long as they don’t make them cheaply- which tends to happen with kids stuff…

That was the problem with the first set my wife got and subsequently returned. Second pair was a lot more durable, but my daughter would have destroyed the first set in a heartbeat.

Plus kids headphones to be “fun” for the kids are usually plastered in kiddy themes that a teenager wouldn’t want. Plus a teen wouldn’t want any restrictions.

Plus kiddy headphones are smaller to fit the smaller heads. A pair.of cans big enough for a 16 year old would be massive on an 8 year old.

I dont think it would be possible to have kiddy headphones that would grow with them.

How would they make the band THAT adjustable, or cans that grow? Would be far cheaper and more practical to buy kiddy cans for kids and normal for teens.

Theres a reason you dont buy $200 headphones for kids… they break them, lose them, drown them etc. Plus as they’re often themed … what a kid likes one year wouldn’t be next year and won’t wear his old Mickey headphones cos now he likes star wars etc.

Teens just want beats or Bose :joy:

Quite understandable, but I would be willing to pay of they could last her at least a couple of years. I put my QC35-II and my Q20’s on her for fun and she was okay with them for a minute, but I didnt turn anything on. The band was high above her hairline at the lowest setting, so if I could get something of similar quality but a smaller head size, I’d be set for some time. The technology would have presumably changed by the time she is ready for her own set lol

Something tbay could grow with them would be a great idea. Not only is it expandable, it eould imply long term use and hopefully better construction.