Soundcore liberty 2 connectivity issues

Has anyone had issues with the liberty 2 auto connect not connecting? Lately I’ve had to place buds in case and resetting them every time I take em back out for use and I can’t get the dreaded 2-L duplicate Bluetooth option to stop reappearing. Any suggestions on a solution other than tossing them in the nearest pond. FYI I use them on an iPhone and I also own a older pair of zolo that give me no issues nor do any other pair that I use

Try this, and follow it to the T


  • Turn of Bluetooth on your phone
  • Delete the Bluetooth profile for the L2P (and L)
  • Put the buds back in the case- leave lid open
  • Hold the button on the back of the case until the LED on the buds turn red
  • close the lid for a few seconds
  • open the case
  • turn on Bluetooth on your device
  • wait for “liberty 2 pro” to show up, and click it
  • wait a few seconds
  • on the screen a pairing request should show up. Confirm it

Now both buds should be connected, and both stereo and mono mode should be working perfectly

Correct and it does work but I’m having to do this procedure every time I return then remove earbuds for use

Are you using the latest firmware update?

Yes I recently did latest update

Azurra Factice problem did not start occurring until the recent update

My apologies typo error but as a matter of fact the recent update may have caused this issue because it didn’t occur until the update was done

I haven’t had issues with the new update. Try reaching out to support and see what they say.

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I’ve recently had issues with Soundcore products auto connecting to devices. It seems to be temporary. I normally have to re pair several times and it starts to auto connect. My old Liberty Air and Life p2 have only had this issue once but after re pair.

I haven’t updated my wife LP2 yet cause I heard people had issues with it so I may hold off on it for a while longer.

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Same. It’s working fine. When I start having issues I’ll deal with it