Soundcore Liberty 2 now on Amazon US - $99.99

Another set of earbuds from Soundcore’s ever expanding line up are now available on Amazon US…the Liberty 2…

  • Diamond-Coated Driver: Liberty 2 wireless earphones take advantage of the ultra-light, yet rigid structure of diamonds to create a driver dome that maintains its rigidity, even when vibrating at high frequencies. It produces sound with flawless accuracy and treble that sparkles full of detail. Around its exterior is an elastic, bass-maximizing ridge to reproduce thumping low frequencies.
  • Up to 32 Hours of Playtime: A single charge gives you up to 8 hours of listening, while the charging case extends it to 32 hours. When you’re short of time, charge for only 10 minutes to enjoy 2 hours of listening.
  • HearID Technology for Personalized Sound: Take the test to create a custom set of EQ settings that are optimized for your ears. HearID maps your hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes the results to give you a truly personalized listening experience.
  • Rock-Solid Fit: Soundcore’s proprietary GripFit technology enables Liberty 2 wireless earphones to sit securely and comfortably in your ears—simply slide in and twist to lock. You’ll receive 7 pairs of EarTips of different sizes and lengths, as well as 3 pairs of EarWings to personalize the fit to you.
  • aptX Technology: Ensures Liberty 2 wireless earphones receive sound with the highest possible quality when streaming from a Bluetooth device. Likewise, low-latency transfer enhances your video watching experience by keeping the audio in sync.
  • Water-Resistant Design: Liberty 2 wireless earphones have IPX5-rated protection to defend your earbuds against rain, sweat, and more.
  • Mono or Stereo: Effortlessly switch between using a single earbud or both. Auto Switch allows you to remove either earbud from the charging case and it will automatically enter mono usage mode.

Available to order now for $99.99

Looks good, I just wish they all had the same sweatguard technology and ipx68

A little curious why these are IPX5, and the pros are only IPX4…

I want IP67 - underwater earbuds for the rest of us!

Same, but ipx68 as I mentioned above…I like swimming and listening to music

I’ve never done this… sounds super scary lol.


I think swimming is more for speakers by the pool. Bluetooth connectivity to the music source will be terrible when blocked by water, regardless of how well you protect the headphones themselves against water.

With the spirit x I can swim laps and have no disconnects, but going underwater more than 5 inches and it would disconnect briefly. So I always adjusted how I swam so the music never stopped

How long of periods have you swam with the spirit X?

I have swam or stayed in the pool for around 5 hours before

The ones with two separate headphones and no cable between are maintaining two bluetooth connections. So the ear that is underwater will probably have issues (assuming a stroke that involves breathing to one side or the other).

I have never had a set of bluetooth headphones that wouldn’t drop out if the path was through my body too directly (phone in a case on my back, if I turn my head so the connected module is in front of me it skips). That is basically the water in my body blocking the connection. Water is extremely absorbent of energy in the bluetooth frequency range.

Impressive. I might take my spirit X in the pool then.

Yea that’s water in the brain, so to speak. But I have only swam with the spirit x, I did once with the neos but the majority of time had been with the Spirit x which had the wire between the two

And if you are drowning? - > “Händel’s Wassermusik” ? :rofl:

I agree this is disappointing that lower end model has better protection.

I just saw a pair of the liberty 2s on OfferUp for 60$… ships for 5$…