Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro - Noise Cancelling or not?

So in the COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS comparison it mentions that they have noise cancelling:

4-Mic Noise Reduction technology with Qualcomm® cVc™ 8.0

But in the FAQ it states:

Is Liberty 2 Pro noise cancelling?

They do not have active noise cancellation.

Can anyone comment? Thanks

Yes it does.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro comes with 4 microphones and Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 noise-cancelling technology for crystal clear phone calls.

Isnt’t that only applicable to phone calls?

Yes, it’s only applicable to phone calls. It means that the person not wearing the Pro 2s will be able to hear the person wearing them more clearly as the background noise surrounding the Pro 2s will be silenced.