Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro (Review)

Amazing product! Blows my PowerBeats by Dre out of the water.

It’s good to hear a positive opinion. A review is usually much more detailed…

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I am unsure on the PowerBeats but I like the Pros as well.

You should do a full review such as what you like about them and did not like. What would be things that somebody would like to know about them?

If you have pictures too that would be cool. So glad that you like them

Hey hope you all are having a wonderful day ! Are these good to use at the gym?

left is on version 1.26 right on 1.28 firmware upgrade failed. support non-existent. where you able to perform an upgdate?

You didn’t pair both buds therefore.

Yes I did. Paired fair and square. Both are in the BT list

So this is really about elimination.

Delete all pairings. On everything ever paired.
Turn off all Bluetooth. On everything ever paired.
If not sure just go far away with just the buds and phone.

On Android, delete cache. Either reboot to recovery, wipe cache, boot. Or settings apps, system, Bluetooth, force stop, wipe cache, reboot.

Uninstall the app.

Connect power to case with buds in. Reset.

Take right bud out only. Pair. It will then immediately offer to pair L, you must accept immediately.

Take L bud out. Don’t connect to it.

Install app.

Use app, login, connect to buds.

Firmware upgrade should now happen.

If not then we tried!

If paired and unpaired and paired BOTH left and right a gazillion times now. Right stays on 1.28, left insists on staying on 1.26. But thanks for trying.

You dont explicitly pair with L. You pair with R only, and then it offers the L and you accept. If you pair L then the upgrade fails.

But if you’re sure you’ve done as per instructions…

The only thing I can connect to is ’Sound core Liberty 2 Pro-L’ so I a bit in the dark what you are the instructions mean really.

But just for kicks I flashed my phone reinstalled the app attempted a connect, did see the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, connected to it and approved the Pro and the Pro-L , tried the update, which was downloaded fine and install came to 70% and failed. Understandely I’ve lost confidence in Sound core (their support department did not respond until now.)

You want buy my Soundcore Liberty 2Pro? I send them to you

So that’s progress! So what’s happened before was the buds got separately connected somehow and that caused firmware upgrade issues, so resetting everything back to clean slate then fixed the earlier issue. Now it’s failed for different reasons, I’d just retry again the update a few times.

The primary best form of support, such as to get replacement is email

I’d not give up on a brand for a bad experience, plenty have good experience.