Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Right Earbud Unresponsive

I’ve been using these near the end of December, worked great until the right earbud started acting funky. It won’t power down when put in the case, I can’t manually turn it on/off, the controls don’t function half of the time, and I can’t even reset it because it refuses to do so. Do I have a defect pair? It sound like there is an issue. You should contact Soundcore support to see what they can do for you.

I would take a qtip and some alcohol and carefully clean the charging tips on the case as well as the charging ports on the earbuds. Make sure the case is fully charged, put the earbuds into the case and give then a push after you clean them to see if that helped. I would also make sure the button isn’t stick and can still be clicked, if need be you can also carefully clean around the button with the qtip and alcohol.

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