Soundcore Liberty 2 PRO / Skype and Music together

Dear Support,

i have a Problem on my windows 10 PC. i Have a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle connected.
The sound is really good.
If i am listening to music and get a call on skype the playback of the music suddenly stops but the player is still running. Like muted. So i tried figuring out which connection to use. Stereo / hands free and so on.
So i couldnt manage to listen to Music with its great sound and talking on skype together.

Is it a problem of the usb bluetooth dongle ? If yes which Bluetooth dongle is working the way it should ?
If the skype call is finished after a short time the music playback is back.

Thanks for reading. This situation really makes me unhappy :unamused:
Have a great week all. i hope someone can help.


I do not think you can do both at the same time. It is an either or. Either stereo (for music) or hands free (for calls). Also you are having two devices trying to do the same functions at the same time.

You may be able to pair one to one device and the other to the other device but not both to both devices at the same time.

This is the community support and you can always check the support for soundcore for a definite answer if needed.

I think you are correct. Bluetooth Headsets on windows are never quite right, the stupid separate profiles are not handheld smoothly. One reason I like the strike 3s so much.


thanks a lot for your answers.
i just wondered because i have a jabra BT headset for my job and it works without taking over the sound.
Anyways i love the sound of it ! Even without the eQ app.

Have a great day all.

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To my knowledge, all Bluetooth devices default to SCO or Hands-free protocol when the mic is in use. you would need a device that uses 2.4ghz RF Wireless to overcome this. Does your Jabra headset sound normal or does the music fade into the back when on a call?

At the moment I’m pursuing a separate wireless mic. I haven’t found the perfect one yet but I’ve found some pretty good options. If you use the earbuds only for output and use a different mic for the input you shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve done this while using discord on PC. The only thing I can’t do is control the EQ. I’m looking for a suggestion that request EQ support even while connected to other devices.

Sabinetek - SmartMike+
PicoGear - PicoMic Dual Wireless Kit

I’m leaning more towards the PicoGear. Hope this helps.