Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version Review - Small Upgrade, Better Sound!

Welcome back fanboys and fangirls as promised we have another edition of the ever, if ever ending, series of,


Once again as promised I have for all of you the review of the Liberty 2 Pro+ (upgraded version). These models were a nice throwback to when the originals came out and I am here to show them to all of you and everyone else! If you did not have a chance to see my previous post I had said that after these last two videos I would be wrapping up the mini series next month in May. I can’t share any details as to which models I will pick to wrap the series up with but I will make sure that they are the best reviews I can possibly make. I don’t have a timbale date as to when these videos will be released but I can assure you that these last two videos will be entertaining! As always like, comment and share for more and remember hugs not drugs!



Thanks for sharing the review. :+1:

I have the L2P, L2P+, and L3P. I have to say out of all of them, the L3P are my favorites.

I like them all, but if I could only have one, it would be the L3P!

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Thanks for the share. I have L2P so it was pretty interesting to find out what was upgraded

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Same the L3P are just the best well rounded package

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Appreciate the share and review

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Thanks for the review. The L3Ps are my favourites.