Soundcore liberty 2 right side is very weak

Hi i just purchased a new soundcore liberty 2 from amazon… and at first both earbuds are working properly then after I installed the soundcore app on my iphone 11 pro max the sounds on the right side becomes weak… I’ve done resetting the earbuds and also reset bluetooth and uninstalled the apps but still the problem is not solved… i wonder if it is a factory defect or just bug on settings

Please help me thanks…

Contact customer support, the community can’t do anything for you.

Have you tried to connect the buds to another source without that app?

I connected it to my nexus 5x same result… at first pairing it both earbuds are working properly then after a few mins of playing music and after installed the soundcore app the right earbuds become quieter

I’ve also had a similar issue with the right bud. Also, the right bud fails to connect via BT about 50% of the time and the battery life of right bud is poor. Just filed a ticket with support.

Why do you use that app, is there really a need?

Yes there is. It allows you to set the EQ on the earbuds.

The benefit of using the soundcore app, is that the EQ is always running through the earbuds no matter what device you connect to, or where the music is coming from.

The EQ doesn’t have to be running and connected every time you listen. It’s always on the earbuds.

It’s far more useful then just using a standard EQ

But if this app is affecting the functionality of the buds? I would like to have them checked WITHOUT that app.
Don’t mind that eq at all, you understand?

I’m not sure what you mean, but after you set the EQ from the app once, you don’t have to use the APP again- but you will still have the EQ on the buds.

It seems like my unit has a problem and it has nothing to do with the app… i filed a ticket and the anker are responding very fast and they will replace my defective item with a new one…