Soundcore liberty 3 pro can not add in widgets (ios)

Hello everyone,
I just buy a liberty 3 pro and also download soundcore app. However, I cant not add soundcore in widgets. everytime I need to turn on the soundcore app to check the battery or turn on Bluetooth to disconnect. anyone can help?


It doesn’t look like the Soundcore app has the ability to add widgets to the home screen. This would be a great feature added to the app. However the Battery Widget will show you the battery level of the currently connected headphones.

You may want to suggest more comprehensive support for widgets in the “Suggestions” category, and also may be worth dropping an email to request it as a feature to be added to a future version of the app.

However, if you swipe right on the home screen, you should be able to add a Soundcore app widget to the bottom of the list of widgets there. It is not as ideal as it would be if it were able to be added where you actually wanted it on your home screen.

I have also just taken a look at the iOS Shortcuts app, and it doesn’t look there is any support for the Soundcore app other than launching the app itself. This would also be a nice addition to the app.

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I will join @Craig_Paterson In his suggestion to send email to Soundcore. Customer support listens to all suggestions.

How did you get the widget on the other screen? I can’t even get that one on the first page. Even if I search for the app on the widget screen it doesn’t show the Soundcore app as an option :cry:

I recorded a short screencast showing how it is done, hope it helps…