Soundcore Liberty 3pro

My right earbud battery drain faster tha my left earbud…and sometimes it cant fully charged .
For fully charged both earbuds its only last about 3+ hours with normal mode and ldac off
Dis anyone have a same issues and what should i do?

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Do not have the Liberty 3 pro but if I remember right it should be about 3 something with anc on and ldac on at the same time…

I assume they are up to data on firmware, if not then update firmware, reconnect and try again.

Some earbuds can work independent of each other. If the Liberty 3 can then it may be an issue but if they are paired together then it means that one earbud would be the main one and it would then transmit the sound to the other one. If it is the case then the rt earbud is doing more work and thus it will drain faster and usually the right is the one that is the main.

Best I can do as I do not have the device.