Soundcore Liberty 4 Suggestion

Am in the process of filming my Liberty 4 review and I must say I am thoroughly impressed as usual but this one feels different. Soundcore is going in a new direction and I love it! But if there are a few suggestions I would just put out I would say so far:

For the controls I would like to see a squeeze hold option to accommodate the ANC and Transparency Switching.

For the spatial audio I would retune the music mode and add a little more bass.

Noticed a nasty bug on YouTube on Android when doing Picture in Picture. Audio seems to lag a little and sometimes glitches but doesn’t happen on iPhone.

Other than that the experience has been great and hard for me to switch back to my Liberty 3 Pro.


For the YouTube one not sure if it’s an android or iOS bug from the software cause iOS I never saw it but consistently see it on android so lmk if anyone has seen this

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Defiantly would like to see a squeeze option added and as for the YouTube bug I did notice it on my Samsung s22 but not on my iPad

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I was about to open a new thread with suggestion of squeeze and hold. I already sent an email to support for this one. It is basic to have this type of control. Especially for volume up and down it is Just more usable to hold till you are ok with your adjustment.

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I’m sure they will add it in eventually cause I bet most people are requesting that one. But I’m more for the audio side in spacial audio just a lil more bass would be nice.

I agree with all the suggestions, but the most important one in my opinion is the squeeze and hold for controls. It would be awesome if it can be modified also, but if it can’t I would like it more for switching between all 3 ambient sound controls.

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I’m willing to bet that they are working on that feature and will most likely be available on the next firmware update.