Soundcore liberty air 2 left earbuds has no sound

After the latest firmware updated my left earbuds suddenly dead I mean just no sound but it still connected and touch feature is still work. I dont know why. Any suggestions?
Oh I did all the method by resetting the buds, unpair and pair again. Still dead no sound at all, just my right buds can produce sound.


This is why I don’t even update my pair of air 2. I suggest contacting someone from the Soundcore team about this issue

Yup maybe it caused by the update, I’ll wait for the next update. Hope it will fix it haha

An update is often a downgrade.


Well said!! I try to test the updates / upgrades on a spare test unit before applying to my fulltime device

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What firmware are you running for the liberty air 2?

You can try connecting them to a laptop and try. If you have a MacBook you can open sound preferences and adjust the sound there. Sometimes the sound can be unbalanced and all you have to do is click balance.

Wise words

04.30 firmware

Gonna try this method. Thanks!

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Ok so you have the older model, ive heard they have a new firmware out 4.31 but I haven’t received it yet. That could level things back out.

Hi @kribzz82 I am Melina from Soundcore team, I noticed that you encountered firmware and sound problems with Liberty Air 2.

I know you have already tried reset and some troubleshooting, please confirm that you have also tried the following steps:

  • Forget the pairing record on your device and turn off your device’s Bluetooth.
  • Place the earbuds into the charging case and make sure they are being charged. When you put the left earbuds into the charging case, the left LED light on charging case will flash 2 times which means the earbuds is charging, please also note the right side will also do the same time, when you put it into charging case, the right LED light on charging case will also flash.
  • Keep the charging case open, then press and hold the button on the bottom of the charging case for 10 seconds until the LED indicators on both earbuds flash red 3 times. All the memory data will be cleared, then close the charging case.
  • Re-open the charging case or take both sides out of the charging case, the white light on one side will flash quickly, which means it enters pairing mode
  • Enable the Bluetooth on your Bluetooth devices. You can find the device name “Soundbuds Liberty Air 2” or “Soundcore Liberty Air 2-L” on the Bluetooth list.
  • Please click “Soundbuds Liberty Air 2” or “Soundcore Liberty Air 2-L” for pairing, the white light will flash slowly, which means it paired successfully.
  • Then there will pop out a screen with “Bluetooth Pairing Request”, just click “Pair” (This step is very important)

Please note, as the earbuds support the Master/Slave switch, both of them can pair to your phone as a master device. When the right earbud is master, the Bluetooth name is Liberty Air 2, when the left earbud is master the Bluetooth name is Liberty Air 2-L. This means when the right side is the masterpiece, in the Bluetooth pairing list the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is displayed as “connected”, and the Soundcore Liberty Air 2-L is displayed as “not connected”. In fact, the earbuds are normally TWS paired to work.

If you try it and the problem still exists, please contact us and send an email to, we will address your concern specifically there.

Yup already did all the method above. It’s just no sound at all on my left bud, connected and charged flawlessly just no sound. Is it caused by the firmware update or some issues with the unit?

Since the troubleshooting doesn’t work, I kindly ask you to reach out to

We will address your problem with other solutions until you are satisfied.


Même problème… L’écouteur gauche fonctionne mais pas de son… Je les ai acheté hier, ils n’ont que 1h d’utilisation…
Impossible de les refaire refonctionner…
Firmware 10.12

May be if you write your request in english
there could be an answer.
But this problem has shown up so often,
I suppose you will find some answers by using the search function.

I am experiencing the same thing my left earbuds connects and all the controls work fine it just doesn’t play any sound. I’ve done a full reset and repaired it with my phone, ive tried it across multiple devices, nothing seems to work. I’m really hoping its just a firmware problem cause I really love these earbuds and would hate to have to get another pair after only 2 months of use.

You should try reaching out to customer service and ask if it’s a known issue and if they are working on the fix. Could also be that your earbud is damaged. Either way email and let us know what the response is

Yup hope they deliver an update if it’s was firmware issue

I am having the same issue with mine, but with the right ear bud. I dont know howbto do an update so I dont know if one has been done or not. But I don’t know why it stopped suddenly working