Soundcore liberty air 2 not working properly

I’ve had my liberty airs for more than half a year now and since yesterday morning they have an uneven balance where the left is louder and the right is way quieter than it’s meant to be. I’ve tried resetting my earbuds, disconnecting and reconnecting, using different devices, checking balance on the phone and even checked for updates but there weren’t any. Is there any ways i can fix this problem

It sounds like you’ve done everything I would do to sort this out. I would contact support and let them know what’s going. Give them a few days to get back you (Not counting Sundays since they rarely work them)

Make sure to give them where you purchased them, order number, serial number and all troubleshooting steps you have done so far.

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues and you’ve definitely done a lot of my initial thoughts of what to try to fix it. Have you checked if you have any different eq settings set up in the Soundcore app? Besides that my best guess would be reaching out to support they might have a better idea as to what could be causing it and if there is a need for a firmware update. If support does supply you with a solution please let us know so that we can try to help others in the future.

Have you checked for debris, cleaned the right bud. Something obvious happens to in-ear buds eventually.

@Tank recommends hydrogen peroxide but I’ve not tried that myself.


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