Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro In-Depth Review (vs Liberty Air 2 vs Liberty 2 Pro)

Hi all!

So this is my in-depth review of the Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds. I reviewed them back at the time of release but thought I’d share it in the soundcore community in case anyone hasn’t seen it. There’s a comparison to the Air 2 and the 2 Pro included there as well.

I’d be grateful if you can give it a watch and leave a comment to let know any questions you have!

Adam - InsideTech


Thanks for putting in the time and effort required for this review. I was fortunate enough to win a set of Liberty Air 2 Pros last night. Right on Que your comparison review popped up. After watching it, I’m even more excited to receive them. :+1:

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Single tap has been added since your review but I haven’t updated my earbuds so need to test it myself as well. Have you had any extra delays with Wear Detection? Could very well be a combination of my laptop and older firmware on the earbuds so again needs some testing on my side

Other than that, I completely agree with you about ANC and Transparency! Great review btw!

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I don’t know if I have strange ears or what. I bought the Liberty Air 2 buds a couple of years ago and really love the. The introduction price of the LA2 Pro made them very attractive to purchase for the upgraded features. I bought them and after nearly a week of wearing them, I could never get a good fit. Not just a good seal but they never felt secure in my ear. It seems the depth of the part of the bud that fits in the ear was slightly shortened and I could not get it to seat properly and they were not as comfortable. Soundcore’s customer service is excellent and I was not only able to return them for a refund of my purchase price, they also sent me a pair of Soundcore Life A2 Noise Cancelling earbuds at no cost to compensate me for my inconvenience. I love both the LA2 and the Life A2 buds and use them almost every day.


@InsideTech Thanks for sharing your review.
@Thom4 Soundcore’s customer service is really excellent :+1:t2: as they not only refunded you, but also sent you an extra valuable gift. :clap:
Great - I have not heard about something like that yet. :smiley:


I’m having a similar issue with my LA2 buds, they sound amazing but I’m guessing they don’t sit in my ears far enough to “lock” in place. I’ve found the right size tips, but still can’t quite get them to sit right in my ears, and I really miss out on the bass unless I hold them in my ears with my hands. Really disappointed because I like these buds

This sounds like a solution I should seek. My LA2Pro with the Soundcore app --the sound core app drops all the time and I’ve had 3 pairs with other problems. Theapp dropping is consistent across all pairs by the way.
Techsupport just has me reset , uninstall etc. I use these (in theory) professionally for work phone calls and have lost valuable work time.
Techsupport has never offered me a suitable replacement.

Who did you speak to? I’ve exchanged 3 pairs to date at BestBuy, called Anker many times and no one really resolves my problem.

From a labor perspective it’s been over 6 hours of time driving, in lines, resetting things --I suspect 12 hours total with phone calls to Anker included.