Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Review

So here’s my “in-depth” review of these earbuds. So first off Ive watched videos of these being cpmpared to air pod pros, I myself has never listened to the airpod pros but Ive owned a pair of galaxy buds + and I am pleased to say they sound just as good if not better. Ok so I’m going to start with the pros.
Pros: 1. Sound quality 10/10
2. Feeling in ear while walking or sitting 7/10
After awhile they sometimes get a little uncomfortable and or they almost fallout no matter what eartip I put in. So this is sorta a pro and con but mostly pro. Also I hardly feel them while in the ear so that’s another plus
3. Battery life for earbuds 10/10
Cons: 1. First I want to address something and maybe this is just the one I got but the cases battery life is terrible now luckily it charges fairly fast so that’s a plus.
2. Obviously there not for sleeping but I was hoping they would be at least decent for that because I usually don’t use earbuds for long while sleeping just enough to relax me but I’m getting used to them.
3. Connectivity sometimes is wonky while not even using the ldac mode. But it’s pretty good for the most part.

OK now I just want to talk about aesthetics. So I absolutely love the look of these earbuds I think they see really sleek and simple. I love the matte finish on the case and I love that the soudcore symbol is the d and a musical note. So at first I thought I wouldn’t like the sliding mechanism but I actually prefer it now it so much more satisfying that a flip top. Well that concludes my review of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pros.


Thanks for sharing.

By all means raise the need for better staying-in-ear needs so products are nudged along in that direction.

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Nice review, thanks for sharing

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Thank you for the review.

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Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

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Great review, thanks for taking the time to share with us your experience with these.

I agree they are great looking, and sounding :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice review. Thanks for sharing it.

Overall I like mine. However I’ve never tried to sleep with mine in my ears.

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