Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Revisited - 1 Year Later

Well well well good to see you soundcore fans again and welcome back to another edition of,


Today’s episode is not exactly a review but rather we’re gonna take a look back at the liberty air 2 pros one year later. Full disclosure I am currently in my last month of college so finals have officially begun graduation exams have begun so my time has become very limited. Rather than waste the opportunity I decided to make a one year later video to not only show how well these earbuds have held up but to also address any concerns or questions anyone may have. Now that the winter is almost over this series will begin to wrap up in the next few uploads and I intend to close it out with some HUGE reviews! I can’t give away the final reviews but I can say the next one up is the Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Edition! Should be out by next Sunday or Saturday so I’ll see you all then. As always like comment and share, and remember hugs not drugs! See you all next week!


Nice revisit of these earbuds.