Soundcore liberty air 2 pro serial number

Please i need your help to check my new Liberty air 2 pro serial number, because i found that the serial number shown in app is different than the one on the case, is it normal or something is wrong here?

The serial number may also be on the bottom of your box that the earbuds came with. Beside the barcode,

Otherwise I am not sure. I never really thought to check.

I’ll have a look this afternoon on mine.


The app shows a different number from what’s on the case as well. I don’t know about the box I will check that after work.
If it’s for customer service issue just let them know that the app shows one number but the case shows another.


It sometimes happen. I had issue with dash cam from Anker Roav

The box sn number matches what’s on the case.

I checked mine, and different… shrug not sure as to why. I’ll double check to make sure.