Soundcore Liberty Air 2: The 2nd Generation of Our Best-Selling True-Wireless Earphones

At the launch event last month, we unveiled a plethora of new products, including Liberty Air 2, the 2nd generation of our best-selling Liberty Air true-wireless earphones!

Today I’m giving you an in-depth look at Liberty Air 2 to help you guys decide if it’s the true-wireless earphone for you :thinking:

Why is Liberty Air 2 Great For Phone Calls?
Liberty 2 Air has a total of 4 microphones (2 per earbud) and the latest cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology. Basically, this means background noises are significantly reduced and your voice sounds louder and clearer—making them great for those of us who are always making and receiving phone calls (and yes, answering calls from the take-out delivery driver counts)!

What’s the Deal with Diamond-Enhanced Sound?
Sounds fancy, right? :ring: Well, the diamond actually has a use! Liberty Air 2’s diamond-coated drivers are lightweight, yet maintain their rigidity even when vibrating at high frequencies. “How does that benefit my listening experience?” I hear you ask… Well, high and low frequencies are extended by 15% and it can deliver 2× the amount of bass.

They’re Wireless Charging Compatible
Liberty Air 2’s charging case can be charged using the included USB-C cable, or if you want to keep things wire-free simply set it down on your favorite Qi-certified Anker wireless charger :wink:

Like a Suit, This Sound Can Be Tailored
Liberty Air 2 gives you the option of creating your own HearID sound profile or choosing from 22 different EQ modes to satisfy even the most diverse of music tastes.

28 Hours of Playtime
Want to binge-listen to your favorite podcast at work? Need to be entertained for precisely 1-hour per day for an entire week? Got a carefully curated 7-hour long playlist that you want to listen to from start to finish?

If the answer’s yes to any of the above then Liberty Air 2’s 7-hour playtime will satisfy your needs. And the charging case extends that to 28 hours in total :raised_hands:

I wonder what he’s listening to?

Have you enjoyed your whistle-stop tour of Liberty Air 2? Let me know in the comments below if you’re planning on getting yourself a pair when they launch in the US next week.


Wouldn’t it be better to have an equalizer which can be tuned and ajusted like this one?
I was never lucky with those kind of presets.


Otherwise the buds look great.
If there is a tester needed… :wink:

Thanks for the overview @Hannah they look great! Possibly another set I will need to try an add to my collection :grin:

Thanks @Hannah for the ok overview and rundown on what makes them better. I truly look foward to the day I can compare all the new products side by side…so yes that means i plan on getting all of the new earbuds to be released. Each on has and serves a purpose and i would love for them to replace all my current soundcore products. Out with the old and in with the new.
Not only that, I really really want to review them for my youtube channel

Mmm, they sound really nice :grin:.

I have never tried a pair like the Liberty Air 2. I think it may be due to they remind me of the wired ones too much and my fear that they will fall out (as some of the wired ones have done in the past). Unlike some of the others that have the ear wing piece on them, these do not have those ear wings. I know, that I probably should not judge them until I tried them.

Did I miss the pricing somewhere? Is it the same ~$80 as the previous generation, or back to the new product pricing over $100?

The regular price will be $100. They were on sale for $80 though


I am also concerned that something like this will fall out. At $100 for a pair, if one falls out and gets damaged that would be unfortunate. And the corded in ear versions fall out on me all the time.

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I drop mine all the time, and they’re fine. They’ve fallen out either

I would love to have or even try this out compared to the last generation, which I have and use daily. They look much improved. I am always getting told they can’t hear me or it sounds like I’m in a hole.

I think it would be best to have the different EQ modes plus the equalizer. They are trying to break past the tech enthusiasts and into the masses. Most people don’t want to fiddle with an equalizer to get the best sound.

The Liberty Air 2 does look really nice :clap: with white and red :smiley:

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Any idea when it goes on sale in the UK?

Also if switching connected device is easier than the previous generation apparently is? (ie can it be done without having to go to setting apps)

So they must “fiddle” around with 22 presets! :rofl:

These are not your normal apple style earbuds tha th rest on your ear. They actually have eartips that go into your ear to not only seal them off but to also grip and hold them in place so they do not fall off. With the original liberty air, the only time they fell out of my ear or came loose was when I was sweating so much it got into my ear. But a quick wipe and dry of my ear and the earbuds and I was back in business

Now I am in debate as to get a pair of these with my pending credit or the Wakey. I have 2 of the Liberty Pro 2’s coming in, 1 for me and 1 for my co-worker, so I may need to get a pair of these now so I can have some more choices.

Once my coupon comes in Im getting the Spirit X2, so all the more reason for variety