Soundcore Liberty Air 2: The 2nd Generation of Our Best-Selling True-Wireless Earphones

I thinking about getting a pair, but it will be some time before I can get them. I was given a pair from another competitor and I can’t replace them until I loose them or they break.

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Good point, maybe just as daunting of a task.

That’s a really strange policy. Really strange.

Perhaps you will find them “lost” or “accidentally broken” in the next few weeks :crazy_face:

Good great looks, win I hope to with this comment

What policy? Can I win this

I was referring to something that @element321 said, about a competitors earbuds.

As far as I know, there is currently no way to win a pair of these buds. Perhaps soundcore will have a drawing for them in the future :man_shrugging:

That’s my thoughts… :wink:

Have any kids? If so, let them “borrow” the buds :rofl:

Thanks for the info, @Hannah! Glad to see the phone quality is enhanced in this version… should make long conference calls more bearable!

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Greetings all, I was in on the pre -order for the Liberty Pros, (first offer), any idea when they will be shipped? Excited, and patiently waiting…

You purchased them during the early bird ($99)?

I have too many earbuds as well. A moratorium on new ones is the only way to clear the backlog.

Give those to others!

I did with earbuds and speakers I won and got for testing.

This helps ANKER/soundcore really to get more popular.
The best advertising to get a hand on the item and see and test the quality.

Better than “fakebook” reviews :wink: and others…

I’m regretting not getting a few pairs of the liberty neo when they went on sale, because they would have made great gifts…

I bought 3 of those already for gifts!$29 was the lowest price I had ever seen

Is all 4 microphone active during a voice call? I have 5 other pair earbuds and they only rely on the master earbud’s microphone during calls.

I have 2 pairs of Liberty Air (Gen 1 and upgraded Gen 1) and their fit is pretty good.
Most likely Liberty Air 2 should be similar or better in fit and sound. I’m getting one soon…:grinning:

Your collections is growing fast!
May be you need to rent some room for storage! :rofl:

Tell me about it :rofl:
Yeah I’m getting overwhelmed with Anker stuff but can’t say no to all the great goodies :wink:

I don’t have too many anker / soundcore items - I have too many other brand headphones from years back. So not doing anyone any advertising good to pass them on.